Assistant Professor, Translation/Interpreting Studies

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Keezell 428
Ph.D. University of Georgia (Linguistics)

SPAN 312: Translation Competencies

SPAN 435: Translation Strategies

SPAN 436: Community Interpreting

Research and teaching interests

Language and the Law (Forensic Linguistics), Translation/Interpreting Studies, Discourse/Conversation Analysis, Pragmatics, Spanish Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Technology-Enhanced Learning



Mason, M. and F. Rock. Eds. The Discourse of Police Investigation (under contract/forthcoming 2017), University of Chicago Press: Law and Linguistics Collection.

Mason, M. Courtroom Interpreting. Lanham, Md.: Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group. Foreword by Susan-Berk-Seligson (2008). 178 pp.

Recent/Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles

Mason, M. (2016). The ‘Preparatory’ and ‘Argumentation’ Stages of Police Interrogation: A Linguistic Analysis of a Criminal Investigation. Language & Communication 48: 79-87.

 Mason, M. (2015) The Role of Interpreters in Adjudicating Blame: An Examination of Spanish Clitics and Active-Passive Voice in a Spanish/English Bilingual Criminal Trial. Translation and Interpreting Studies: The Journal of the Translation and Interpreting Studies Association (Dec., 10.2).

Mason, M. (2013) Can I get a Lawyer?: A Suspect's Use of Indirect Requests in a Custodial Setting. The International Journal of Speech, Language and the Law 20(2): 203-227.

Mason, M. and R. D. Mason. (2012) Communicating a Green Corporate Perspective: Ideological Persuasion in the Corporate Environmental Report. Journal of Business and Technical Communication 26(4): 478-505.

Mason, M. (2011) Examining the Rhetorical Structure and Discursive Features of Letters of Leniency as a Genre. Pragmatics: Quarterly Publication of the International Pragmatics Association 21(1): 111-26.


List of Publications Available through Google Scholar

Work in Progress

Negotiation (Negotiated Exchanges) in the Bilingual Courtroom, Intertextuality in Corporate Environmental Reports

Membership (Organizations)

Linguistics Society of America, Modern Language Association, South Atlantic Modern Language Association, American Translators Association, American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association


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