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Online Foreign Language
Placement Exams

You need to take an online foreign language placement exam if you satisfy the following criteria:

  1. You have taken 2 or more years of French, German, or Spanish in high school. You will not receive credit for 101, 102 or 111 in a language if you have had 2 or more years of that language in high school.
  2. You need to take a foreign language to fulfill the foreign language requirements for a B.A. degree (two years in college taking a foreign language--through the intermediate level), or you want to continue taking a foreign language.
  3. You have not taken the SATII in those languages

Remember--if you place into the Spanish, French, or German 300 class with the online exam, you have NOT met your foreign language requirement for a B.A. degree.  You will need to either enroll in the Spanish, French, or German 300 class OR  you must go to the Language Lab in Keezell 103, retake the JMU foreign language placement exam, place into the 300-level course and print out your results  to confirm that you have fulfilled the requirement for a B.A.

 The Russian exam is only offered in the Language Lab, Keezell 103. For more information, please see the Foreign Language Department page.

For more information on whether or not you should take 
a foreign language placement exam, 
please refer to the following links:

Do I need to take a foreign language placement exam?

Frequently Asked Questions
 for the Foreign Language Placement Exams

Please read all the instructions before taking a foreign language placement exam.

1. Click on the link below and enter the User Name and Password given below. Remember, you will NOT use your JMU username and password to login to the Foreign Language Placement Exam..

2. At this site, first click on "French," "German," or "Spanish."

3. Then on the exam page, fill in the student information, making sure to write in your name and student id number (student#) and your JMU email address (your e-id username + Your student id number is available here:

4.Click the "Begin Exam" button and follow the instructions

5. After you complete the placement exam, your scores will be automatically e-mailed to James Madison University. Your adviser, the General Education office and the Foreign Language Department will have access to the results. You will also receive a copy of the results that is sent to your JMU email account. Click here to check your JMU Webmail account:

6. You may successfully take the exam in a given language only once. An e-mail will confirm if your exam score was posted properly. Once a score in a language has been posted, any subsequent scores in that language will be ignored. If you did not receive a confirmation e-mail, then you will need to retake the exam so that your score will be posted. Note: if necessary, you may take exams for more than one language. The first score posted for each language will be used for placement.

Warning: If you try to go to another web page during the placement test OR you exit the browser without completing the test, the results will NOT  be recorded, and your score will NOT be sent to JMU or to you.
If you don't receive an email within 15 minutes or so, then your score was not registered.

Please make sure you are using Internet Explorer 6 or above
and disable any software that blocks pop-up windows or pop-up ads.
For the newer version of Internet Explorer, go to Tools then choose Pop-up Blocker, then choose Turn off Pop-up Blocker.

If you do not receive an email within 15 minutes, it's probably because you have a pop-up blocker activated.  Turn off the pop-up blocker and retake the exam or go to Keezell 103 to take the exam.

If you are ready to take the exam, then click on the following link
By clicking this link you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the information on this page:
(This will take you to the WebCAPE site at Brigham Young University )

  and enter in this information:

User Name: jmu user   (There is a space between jmu and user!)
Password:    dukes1