2018-2019 Annual Costs

In State
(Full-Time Undergraduate)
Out of State
(Full-Time Undergraduate)
Tuition $11,806 $28,514
Room $5,220 $5,220
Board $4,872 $4,872
Books $1,038 $1,038
Travel $1,826 $1,826
Personal $1,888 $1,888
Loan Fees $76 $76
Totals $26,726 $43,434

The figures provided in this Cost of Attendance are used solely for the purposes of determining financial aid eligibility and are NOT a reflection of a student’s bill.

  • Students may incur additional charges for taking certain courses. These may be in the form of College of Business Differential Tuition Fees for certain College of Business courses, Nursing Differential Tuition for certain Nursing courses, and/or other miscellaneous course fees. For this reason, the Tuition figure used in the Cost of Attendance is a calculated average for undergraduate students. The figure includes the basic full-time rate and an inflationary value based on the additional fees some students will incur. Because it's an average, it is very unlikely any student will have this exact Tuition charge on their bill, but this is the figure that will be used for the purposes of calculating financial aid eligibility.

  • The Room, Board (i.e. food), Books, Travel, Personal, and Loan Fees figures are an estimate of what an average full-time undergraduate student will spend during the academic year. Students could spend more or less depending on their individual living situations and spending habits.

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