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Verification Materials

Understanding Verification

Verification is a process our office uses to ensure that the information applicants report is accurate. This prevents ineligible students from receiving aid by reporting false information, and it ensures that eligible students receive all of the aid they are qualified to receive.

Each year, we select a group of applications for verification. Some of these applications are selected because of FAFSA information that is inconsistent with information elsewhere on the application; others are selected because the Expected Family Contribution(EFC) is in federal or state grant range.

In any case, a student whose application is selected must provide our office with certain documentation to show that the application information is correct. The sooner you verify your information, the sooner you'll be able to receive financial aid, assuming you're eligible.

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Verification Documents for the 2015-16 Aid Year

  1. Asset Information
  2. Monthly Expenses for Student
  3. Monthly Expenses for Parent
  4. Proof of Dependent(s) Form
  5. Question #23 (Drug Conviction)
  6. Verification Worksheet for Dependent Students
  7. Verification Worksheet for Independent Students