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JMU Summer Study Abroad Program

Financial aid funds are available to students enrolled in qualifying JMU Study Abroad programs and have filed a FAFSA. Financial aid eligibility is generally determined the same way it is for a student studying on campus at JMU. The major difference in most cases is that your Cost of Attendance will be based on the anticipated expenses applicable to your study abroad program, which will be provided by the OIP. Consequently, the student does not need to contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for special consideration. The increased costs associated with a study abroad program will normally generate additional Plus Loan eligibility, as federal and state grants are not increased based on participation in a study abroad program. Federal loan limits still apply.

The Office of International Programs has scholarship information on their website:

The Office of Financial aid and Scholarships does not have any scholarships specifically for study abroad. For information on scholarships in general, go to: www.jmu.edu/finaid/scholarships

Set up a Direct Deposit for you and your parents if you have not already done so. This can be done through your MyMadison.

If you have a private loan, please contact University Business Office at 568-6505 to make arrangements for receiving your funds. You may need to establish a power of attorney before you leave in order to receive your money.

After reading all provided information, e-mail any further questions you may have to hopkinjh@jmu.edu.

Things you should be aware of for summer programs:

  1. **Your FAFSA needs to be filed. **
  2. The changes to your budget that will reflect the increased costs of studying abroad cannot be made until after the initial packaging is complete. Therefore, the first award letter you receive will not accurately reflect the total funds you will be entitled to. You will receive a second award notification. The increased costs associated with a study abroad program will normally generate additional Plus Loan eligibility.
  3. You need to fill out a Summer Aid Application which is available on our website on the first day of summer registration.