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Financial Aid Loan Change Forms

The Student and Parent Financial Aid Loan Change Forms have been revised and renamed.  Please read this page carefully to make sure you fill out and submit the correct form.

If you are a student wanting to make changes to your loan(s), you must submit the Student Loan Change Request Form.

**Please be sure to list the amount you would like to increase or reduce the loan(s) to, and be sure to include the new loan total for the year in the last column.**

If you are a parent wanting to decrease your previously applied for Parent PLUS Loan, you must submit the Parent PLUS Loan Reduction Request Form. If you have yet to apply for a Parent PLUS Loan for the current aid year, please submit a Parent PLUS Direct Loan Application.


If you are a borrower wanting to return funds on a loan that has generated a refund, you must submit the Return of Loan Funds Request Form. Please note we will only process return requests for the current aid year and up to 30 days after the previous aid year has ended.


If you are a student who:

  •  will be enrolled at least half-time (six credits for undergraduates; five credits for Grad students) but less than full-time (twelve credits for undergraduates; nine credits for Grad students) or
  •  will be graduating in the Fall or
  •  has had their aid adjusted for Fall graduation but will now be returning for the Spring semester,

Then, please email loans@jmu.edu from your JMU email address and inform us of your situation.

(Make sure to include your name and student ID number in the email.)

**If you have any questions, please contact our main line at 540.568.7820**