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Consortium Students

Studying abroad through a non-JMU program!

A consortium agreement is an official contract between James Madison University and a study abroad institution. The contract allows JMU to provide federal financial aid while you study abroad through a non-JMU program. The Registrar’s Office will start the process by having you complete a “Request to Enter Into A Consortium Agreement” and “A Request to Transfer Credit” forms. Please contact the Registrar’s Office on the 5th floor of Warren Hall to complete the necessary paperwork above. Once the contract is completed, a copy of the Official Consortium Agreement and budget is passed on to the Financial Aid Office.

At this time the Financial Aid Office will need to replace your current budget with your study abroad budget. If your award needs to be adjusted because of the difference in your new budget, you will be sent a new Financial Aid Award notice. Any aid awarded to you may be used to pay for your trip abroad.

James Madison University will not send payment to your study abroad institution. Your financial aid funds will be disbursed to you and/or your parents once you have started classes at your host institution. It is the student’s responsibility to print the “Enrollment Verification Form” below. You will need to take this form to the Registrars’ Office at your host institution and have them fax the completed form back to the Financial Aid Office. The process of disbursing your funds will not start until the Enrollment Verification Form is received in our office.

For your benefit, we have included a "Consortium Checklist" below to help you complete all the necessary steps.