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Consortium Students

Studying abroad through a non-JMU program!

A consortium/contractual agreement is an official contract between James Madison University and another institution. Assuming a student meets all of the other general eligibility requirements to receive financial aid, the agreement allows JMU to provide financial aid while you study at an institution other than JMU. To be considered for financial aid, students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), listing JMU as a school to receive the FAFSA. Students can refer to JMU Terms and Conditions for Financial Aid – Consumer Information for more information regarding general policies governing the financial aid process and student eligibility.

James Madison University will not send payment to your host institution. Your financial aid funds will be disbursed to you and/or your parents once you have started classes at your host institution. It is the student’s responsibility to print the “Enrollment Verification Form” below. You will need to take this form to the Registrars’ Office at your host institution and have them fax the completed form back to the Financial Aid Office. The process of disbursing your funds will not start until the Enrollment Verification Form is received in our office.

Hours you take as part of this agreement will be factored into the quantitative (pace and max time) Satisfactory Academic Progress review at JMU, even if JMU does not accept any or all of the hours towards your degree due to your grades.

For your benefit, please click Consortium Information.  This will take you to the online application for the Office of International Programs.