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Alternative / Private Loans

Selecting a private/alternative education loan can be a daunting task. The link below will provide information to help you make an informed decision. In addition to being informative, this link will provide a list of just some of the lenders who offer alternative/private student loans. We suggest you research the loans and the lender to find the best interest rate and terms of your loan. Please be aware that when viewing the alternative lender web pages below that you will be leaving the JMU web site. Graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply for alternative loans unless otherwise specified. These loans are not backed by the federal government and therefore may have terms and conditions less favorable than federally funded student and parent loans. We encourage all students and parents to first consider and apply for federal student loans before applying for private loans.

The information contained on this chart is accurate as of the date it was collected. Because these are private loans, lenders can change the terms and conditions of these loans without notifying JMU. Therefore, we suggest you verify this information with any lender on this chart prior to applying for a loan with that company.


NOTE: You are not required to borrow with any of the lenders listed on this chart. Students may borrow with any lender offering a private student loan. JMU does not discriminate against lenders and will certify loans from any private lender provided the student meets the lender’s eligibility requirements.

You can view JMU's Private Lender Policy here.

Summer School

If you're applying for a private loan for Summer School, please see this website:

Summer 2014 Financial Aid