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Faculty Senate

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Officers and Committees

First Name Last Name Department Committees E-mail
David McGraw Integrated Science and Technology Speaker; Faculty Appeals Committee; Restricted Programs Advisory Committee
Morgan Benton Integrated Science and Technology Chair of Academic Policies Committee
Eric Stark Management Faculty Appeals Chair; Safety Committee
Howard Lubert Political Science Faculty Concerns Committee
Mark Piper Philosophy and Religion Marshall;
Nominations and Elections Chair
Wolf Sherrill Theatre and Dance Student Relations Committee
Tara Parsons Justice Studies Budget Committee
Mieka Polanco Sociology and Anthropology Budget Committee
William Grant Economics Faculty Concerns Committee
Rory DePaolis Communication Sciences and Disorders Faculty Appeals Committee
Kimberly DuVall Psychology Chair Student Relations Committee
Leslie Harlacker Sociology and Anthropology; Part-time Faculty Secretary; Faculty Concerns Committee;
Art Hamilton Finance and Business Law Budget Committee
Timothy Louwers Accounting Committee on Academic Programs
Caroline Lubert Mathematics and Statistics Student Relations Committee
Jessica Davidson History Academic Policies Committee
Eric Cowan Graduate Psychology Nominations and Elections (alt. in fall: Debbie Kipps-Vaughan)
Audrey Burnett Health Sciences Speaker Pro Tempore; Chair of Faculty Concerns Committee
Val Larsen Marketing Student Relations Committee
Leigh Nelson Communication Studies Academic Policies Committee
Jonathan Walker Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies Faculty Concerns Committee
Alex Leidholdt Media Arts and Design Faculty Appeals Committee
Susan Nye Kinesiology Academic Policies Committee
Michael Mungin Library and Educational Technology Academic Policies Committee
Steven Harper Engineering Treasurer; Chair of Budget Committee; Parking Advisory Committee
Eric Carbaugh Middle, Secondary and Mathematics Education Student Relations Committee
Terrie Rife Biology Faculty Appeals Committee
Joan Kindig Early, Elementary and Reading Education Faculty Appeals Committee
Andrea Knopp Nursing Nominations and Elections
Kevin Giovanetti Physics Student Relations Committee
Mary O'Donnell Foreign Language Student Relations Committee
Nate Wright Chemistry Academic Policies Committee
Dave Shonk Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management Academic Policies Committee
Cole Welter Art, Design and Art History Academic Programs Committee; Faculty Appeals Committee
Hossain Heydari Computer Science Faculty Concerns Committee
Ping Wang Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics Academic Policies Committee
Laura Desportes Educational Foundations and Exceptionalities Faculty Concerns Committee
Scott Eaton Geology and Environmental Science Faculty Concerns Committee
Will Dabback Music Faculty Concerns Committee
Oris Griffin Learning, Technology and Leadership Education Budget Committee
B.J. Bryson Social Work Budget Committee
Karen McDonnell Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication Nominations and Elections
Ralph Grove Computer Science Faculty Concerns Committee
Matt Rebhorn English Faculty Concerns Committee
Toni Whitfield Communication Studies Academic Policies Committee
Bill Van Norman History Academic Policies Committee
Besi Muhonja Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures Student Relations Committee
Holly McCartney Early, Elementary, and Reading Education Student Relations Committee