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Faculty Senate

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Faculty Senate Officers and Committees 2016-17

 Speaker Pro Tempore: Mark Piper Secretary: Leslie Harlacker
Treasurer: Val Larsen Marshal: Karen McDonnell

Faculty Concerns Committee 

Name Academic Unit
 Ralph Grove Computer Science (CISE)
William Grant Economics (COB)
Matt Rebhorn English (CAL)

Ray Rodriguez

Educational Foundations and Exceptionalities (COE)
Steve Whitmeyer Geology and Environmental Science (CSM)
Jonathan Walker IDLS (University Studies)

Will Dabback

Music (CVPA)
 Leslie Harlacker Part-time faculty 
 Mark Piper, Chair Philosophy and Religion (CAL)
 Andy Peachey Health Sciences (CHBS)

Academic Policies Committee 

Name Academic Unit
Chrisi Hughey Chemistry (CSM)
Toni Whitfield Communication Studies (CAL)
Bill Van Norman History (CAL)

Dave Shonk

Hospitality, Sports and Recreation Management (SRM)
Morgan Benton, Chair Integrated Science and Technology (CISE)
Trent Hargens Kinesiology (CHBS) 
Brian Flota Libraries and Educational Technologies (LET)

Laura Atkins
(spring: Ping Wang)

 Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics (COB)

Student Relations Committee 

Name Academic Unit
Val Larsen Marketing (COB)
Besi Muhonja
(spring: Dorothee Polanz)
Foreign Languages (CAL)
Anca Constantin Physics (CSM)

Reese Wilson

Early, Elementary and Reading Education (COE)
Kenn Barron Psychology (CHBS)   
Ingrid DeSanctis Theatre and Dance (CVPA) 

Hak-Seon Lee, Chair

Political Science (CAL)

Caroline Mohan

Student Representative

Budget and Compensation Committee 

Name Academic Unit
David Hayes Accounting (COB)
Steve Garren Mathematics and Statistics (CSM)
David Parker Finance and Business Law (COB)

Rita Poteyeva

Justice Studies (CAL)
Hyong Yeom
(fall: Laura Trull)
 Social Work (CHBS)
Matt Ezzell
(fall: Steve Poulson)
 Sociology and Anthropology (CAL) 

Steve Harper, Chair

Engineering (CISE)

Amy Underwood

Part-time faculty (COE)

Faculty Appeals Committee 

Name Academic Unit
Karin Tollefson-Hall Art Design and Art History (CVPA)
Dean Cocking Biology (CSM)
Chris Clinard Communications Sciences and Disorders (CHBS)

Dana Haraway

Middle, Secondary and Mathematics Education (COE)
Eric Stark, Chair Management (COB)
Talé Mitchell Media Arts and Design (CAL)

David McGraw

CISE representative

Nominations and Elections Committee 

Name Academic Unit
 Eric Cowan Graduate Psychology (CHBS)
­­­­­Laureen Donovan Nursing (CHBS)
Karen McDonnell, Chair Writing, Rhetoric, & Technical Communications (CAL)

Adam Vanhove

School of Strategic Leadership Studies
Diane Wilcox Learning, Technology and Leadership Education (COE)
Jonathan Walker IDLS (University Studies)

Will Dabback

Music (CVPA)
 Leslie Harlacker Part-time faculty 
 Mark Piper, Chair Philosophy and Religion (CAL)

Committees External to the Senate

Committee on Academic Programs: Audrey Burnett, Bill Van Norman, Dave Shonk

General Education Council: Jonathan Walker

Media Board: Kim DuVall

Parking Advisory Committee: Steve Harper

Safety Committee: Eric Stark

Restricted Programs Advisory Group: Val Larsen

Honorary Degrees Committee: Besi Muhonja

Provost’s Diversity Council: Jonathan Walker

Dingledine Steering Committee: Steve Garren

Faculty Handbook Committee: Val Larsen, Michael Mungin 

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