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III. Faculty Employment Policies and Procedures

III.D. Contracts and Appointments

III.D.1. Definitions
III.D.2. Length of Appointment
III.D.3. Fixed-Term Appointments III.D.4. Renewable-Term Appointments
III.D.5. Nontenure-Track Appointments III.E.6. Promotion in Academic Rank
III.E.7. Tenured Appointments III.D.8. Change in Appointment
III.D.9. Appointment of Instructional Faculty to Administrative Positions

For details on procedures for hiring faculty members, see Manual of Policies and Procedures, Policy 2101.

III.D.1. Definitions

Appointment: The establishment of an employment relationship between a faculty member and the university, even if on an at-will basis or for a limited time.

Contract: A written document that outlines the terms of the employment relationship between a faculty member and the university.

III.D.2. Length of Appointment

III.D.2.a. Academic-Year Appointments
Most instructional faculty appointments are for the academic year. Academic year appointments entail duties that are approximately nine months in length, starting two weeks prior to the first day of classes in the fall and ending two weeks following commencement in the spring. During periods of the academic year when the university is not in session, faculty members are expected to fulfill their professional responsibilities as appropriate to their position.

Although the annual salary assigned for an academic-year appointment covers only the academic year, the salary is paid in 24 semimonthly installments starting with the first full pay period after the start of the academic year.

III.D.2.b. Fiscal-Year Appointments
Fiscal year appointments extend for a full calendar year and may begin on any date. These appointments are normally associated with administrative and professional faculty appointments and AUH appointments, although in certain circumstances, they may be used for instructional faculty members on nontraditional schedules.

III.D.2.c. Other
A faculty appointment may be made for some other time period, such as one semester or a specific number of months, or on an at-will basis.

III.D.3. Fixed-Term Appointments

A fixed-term appointment is a nonrenewable appointment for a specific contract period, normally not more than one year.

III.D.4. Renewable-Term Appointments (RTA)

RTAs are intended to attract faculty members of distinction to meet long-term staffing needs and to provide appointees with a degree of job security while retaining the ability to shift faculty resources as the needs of programs fluctuate. Each RTA contract is for an initial term of no more than one year, but it will be automatically renewed at the option of the university for additional one-year terms unless the university gives notice of nonrenewal. The university may decide not to renew an RTA contract for any lawful reason that does not violate the faculty member's academic freedom. Notice provisions for the nonrenewal of an RTA are specified inFaculty Handbook, Section III.F.3.h.

RTAs are not candidates for tenure and cannot be awarded tenure. RTAs in the rank of lecturer are not eligible for promotion. RTAs in other ranks may advance in rank as set forth in the Faculty Handbook, Section III.E.4. and have the same performance expectations for advancement in rank as tenure-track and tenured faculty members in the same rank. 

III.D.5. Nontenure-Track Appointments

Nontenure-track appointments are appointments that will not lead to tenure. Examples of nontenure-track appointments include fixed-term appointments and RTAs.

III.D.6. Tenure-Track Appointments

An appointment that can result in the granting of tenure at the conclusion of the probationary period is a tenure-track appointment.

III.D.7. Tenured Appointments

A tenured appointment usually results from the successful completion of the tenure-track appointment probationary period, but under special circumstances, a faculty member may be hired with tenure.

III.D.8. Change in Appointment

For the procedures to change the appointment of a faculty member, including promotion, award of tenure, change in title, rank, status, type of appointment, salary and special assignments, a substantial change in a faculty member's position or primary assignment must be documented and communicated to the faculty member.

III.D.9. Appointment of Instructional Faculty to Administrative Positions

Instructional faculty members may be given administrative and/or professional appointments. A&P appointments are made and may be renewed on an annual basis by the president on the recommendation of the appropriate vice president, and are approved by the BOV. An employee who is in an A&P faculty line, but also holds tenure, may usually opt to return to his or her home unit upon receiving notice of nonrenewal of an A&P appointment. For details, see Manual of Policies and Procedures, Policy 1335, Terms & Conditions of Employment for Administrative and Professional Faculty.