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Faculty Senate

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Mission Statement

The function of the Faculty Senate is to represent the faculty in the consideration of all policies that affect the academic climate and direction of the institution.  The Faculty Senate seeks to create, maintain and protect a university environment conductive to the growth of scholarship, learning, teaching, research, service, and respect for human dignity and rights.  Among other things the responsibilities of the Faculty Senate include:

  • Offering suggestions to the vice presidents for academic affairs and for administration and finance on matters of university organization, budget recommendations and revisions, facilities, planning, and mission at the university level;
  • Consulting with appropriate resource persons concerning academic policy;
  • Offering recommendations about admissions policies and enrollment management;
  • Participating in university-wide curricular oversight through its representatives on the Committee on Academic Programs (CAP); and
  • Working with the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (PVPAA) to maintain policies and procedures by which the faculty will be involved in the evaluation of academic administrators at the university level.

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