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Suggestions for correcting errors, modifying or updating the Faculty Handbook site should be sent to facultyhandbook@jmu.edu. Suggested changes in, additions to and deletions from the document will be forwarded to the Faculty Handbook Committee.

Faculty Handbook Committee 2017-18

Members of the Committee

  • Val Larsen, Department of Marketing, College of Business, Chair
  • Jeffrey Bush, Director, School of Music, College of Visual and Performing Arts
  • Dana Haraway, Department of Middle, Secondary and Mathematics Education, College of Education
  • Fletcher Linder, Associate Vice Provost for University Studies
  • Sharon Lovell, Dean, College of Health and Behavioral Studies
  • Carol Nash, Department of Interated Science and Technology, College of Integrated Science and Engineering

University Counsel

Susan Wheeler, Ex Officio Adviser for the Committee

Provost's Office Staff

Kristi Shackelford, Academic Policy and Curriculum Development

shackekl@jmu.edu or facultyhandbook@jmu.edu 
(540) 568-4064

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