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The e-Vision WRTC 328 practicum offers students hands-on, practical experience in editing for publication. Students enrolled in WRTC 328 meet once weekly for an hour in a seminar setting to discuss, select, and edit submissions for publication in e-Vision.

Though e-Vision accepts new editorial board members in the spring semester, we prefer a one-year commitment to the editorial board starting in the fall semester. Editors earn one credit for their work during the fall semester; editors who remain on the board during the spring semester earn two credits, for a total of three credits per year. Editors may earn as many as six WRTC 328 credits, with three credits applying to WRTC major and minor requirements.

Send a letter of application, detailing your interest in the position, qualifications, and the name and e-mail address of at least one faculty reference to evision@jmu.edu.

Faculty references should be familiar with the applicant's writing and critical/evaluative reading abilities. Applications for editorial intern positions must be submitted prior to the beginning of the semester of enrollment.

Direct inquiries to Cynthia Martin, marti2cs@jmu.edu.


Looking for hands-on, practical experience in
editing for publication?

Looking for an extra credit hour, or three?

e-Vision is looking for you.



e-Vision is sponsored by
the School of Writing, Rhetoric,
and Technical Communication
at James Madison University.