Essay Assignment

Research a painting that represents an aspect of history (Picasso's Guernica, is an example, as is Warhol's Campbell's Soup). What do you think the artist's intent was in the way he/she represented the culture or the past? How does the "way you see" the painting affect your interpretation? This essay should include research on the painting itself and on the historical and cultural significance of the subject. It should also include, however, your own interpretation of the artist's goals and an acknowledgement of how your own history affects your interpretation of the painting. These final two elements are going to be the center of your argument. Please also include a reproduction of the painting you are discussing with your essay.

Variation: You may choose a form of art other than a painting. Photography, sculpture, graphic and product design, decorative arts, and so on are all good possibilities. Make sure, however, that you can discuss your subject as Berger would, analyzing it from a cultural/historical perspective.


A minimum of four sources. Only two sources may be from
the internet. One must be from a book (not Ways of Seeing)
or an academic journal.

1000-1500 words, 12 pts., typed, double-spaced, with a title.

Copy of image or painting being discussed attached.

Correct citations and correctly formatted "Works Cited" list placed at the end of the essay.

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