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essays from spring & fall 2002


On Common Ground
Heather Graham

The beeping of the metal detector set his mind in motion. And when he carefully uncovered a small metal button, it whispered softly, speaking of a great general, “He possessed every virtue of the great commanders, without their vices.”

Training Ground for Murderers
David R. H. Smith

Continued U.S. support for the School of the Americas, an institution that has trained dictators and political assassins, is completely unjustifiable.

Iridescent Swirls of Death
Anne Bradshaw

I imagine oil spills to be somewhat cartoon in nature. A thick oozing black blanket of death starts to cover everything within its reach and then stretches out for more.

Barbara Bowman

I have matured, and, at the proper time, the winnower will come for me. I will be ready. I have cast off my seed into the rich humus born of past generations. It has taken root, and now sings its own Song of Spring

Let Freedom Ring
Linda Yeboah

The Civil Rights Movement was the catalyst, the march that ignited the flame of justice in the twentieth century. It coerced America as a nation to reevaluate itself, to reevaluate what it stood for....

Armenian Massacres
Katie Ott

This order was made knowing that the Armenians would never make it through the desert, as they were given no food or water. What resulted was the genocide of the Armenian race.

Stephen Delfaus

The more forests that are destroyed, the more harm that is brought upon every species in existence, including humanity.

A Modest Proposal for Making Driving More Entertaining, While Creating the Same Risks for Everyone on the Road
Elizabeth Farley

It was suggested to me that we “kill all [the] dumbasses [who choose to drink and drive],” but I felt this too harsh (Holzbach). Why not let them kill themselves? The nation, as a whole, would be more pleasant, happier and more carefree.


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