GWRIT 101/STOREY Fall 2000

Essay Assignment #2

Essay Topics

Choose one of the following:

1. In "What Are Homosexuals For?" Andrew Sullivan presents the rituals and routines of heterosexual life through the eyes of a gay male who feels like an outsider. Describe an experience you have had as an outsider, looking in. Is this the experience of women peering in at male institutions? Of men watching women socializing? Of poor looking at rich? Of a minority culture looking at a majority culture

2. Write a personal narrative along the lines of Judy Ruiz's "Oranges and Sweet Sister Boy." This essay style is highly creative and should have a controlling metaphor.

3. Write an essay in which you argue against an "identity." This could be an "identity" that is applied to you, or you may also look at "identities" that are assumed by others.


o 750-1250 words, 12 pts., typed, double-spaced, with a title.

o Stapled

o Correct citations and correctly formatted "Works Cited" list placed at the end of the essay if outside sources are used.

Reminders from our syllabus:

The Draft: The draft should be a full-length essay that involves, most importantly, some serious "figuring out" work. It should meet the following criteria:

1. It has a main idea--a conceptual framework--although it is all right if this idea is not yet fully formed. I'd prefer that you use your draft to work toward figuring something out--perhaps something that will be crystallized upon revision.
2. The main idea is developed with concrete details and examples.
3. All quotes or paraphrases are cited to MLA specifications (including references to CIEQ essays and references to Webboard postings of other students in the class).
4. It should fulfill the word requirement (approx. 250 words per page) with a type size of 12 points.
5. It must be written on a word processor
6. On the day that your draft is due, you must bring 20 extra copies if it is your turn to have a whole-class workshop.

The Revision: The revision should represent a substantial rewriting of the draft based on class discussion, peer editor advice, and my comments. You will need to produce a thorough re-vision of your earlier draft, not simply a corrected or slightly amended version. If you hand in a revision with only simple corrections, you will most likely receive an "unsatisfactory." We will talk more about revision versus correction in class.

Note: Drafts must be handed in with revisions in order for you to get credit.


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