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Paper 4: Proposal Argument

Millis, GWRIT 103
Fall 2008

There will be plenty of times in your future career, both as a student and as a working professional, when you’ll need to convince others to act.  The proposal argument paper will allow you to use what you’ve learned about writing arguments to effectively propose that changes need to be made in a certain situation.  Using the style of a newspaper or magazine editorial, you’ll draw readers’ attention to a specific issue, propose a change that needs to be made, and convince others that they should help you.  

Getting Started  
To get started, you need to think about those aspects of society (or the policies we’ve adopted within this society) that bother you or don’t seem to functioning as well as they could.  Think about conflicts you’ve had with others, rules you didn’t want to follow, or negative situations that you feel could’ve been avoided.  Choose something, develop a way that you might change and/or solve this problem, and begin researching what’s already been done about it  (or hasn’t been done, as the case may be).  Also, familiarize yourself with the tone and structure of an editorial—think about what publication your essay might appear in, and how you might appeal to that particular audience. 

Your Goal
For this paper, you have three basic goals.  First, you’ll need to demonstrate the problem, or thing that needs to be changed, to your audience.  Depending on the issue and your audience’s likely reaction to it, you may need to spend some time proving that a problem does, in fact, exist.  Second, you’ll need to propose an action that will help alleviate the problem, being as thorough and SPECIFIC as possible.  Third, you’ll need to justify your solution, providing reasons why your audience should accept your proposal and act on it. 
Your Audience
For this paper you’ll be choosing a newspaper or magazine that your editorial-style argument might appear in.  Your audience will be the typical readers of that publication, so you’ll need to determine who those people might be and what types of writing style, argument techniques, examples, and tone they’ll respond to most positively. 

You’ll need to use at least 3 secondary sources, one of which must be a PHYSICAL print source, for this paper and cite them (in-text) using MLA format.  You must attach a properly cited Works Cited page to your paper. 

Your paper must be 3-4 pages typed (12 pt. Times New Roman font), double-spaced, with one inch margins.  Be sure to include an attention-grabbing title and page numbers.

Also:  You‘ll need to incorporate at least one (but no more than three)  visual into this essay—one that grabs the audience’s attention and serves your topic, either by helping you be more persuasive or by illustrating one (or more) of your points.    

See Revised Schedule for Final Draft due date. 



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