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student editors:

Traci Cox is a junior English major and Anthropology minor. She is a staff writer for JMU's newspaper The Breeze and has her own opinion column entitled "Glass Half Full." Her interests include rock climbing, world travel, and Beat literature. She hopes to pursue a fruitful career as a professional student in a Cultural Studies doctoral program. This is her first year on the e-Vision staff.

Ashley Gutshall is a senior English major and a Writing and Rhetoric minor. After graduation in the spring, Ashley plans to move to Austria, become a singing nun, and put her major to good uses as a nanny to seven children. She enjoys musicals, food, and the proper use of adverbs. This is her first year as an e-Vision editor.

Nicole Lee is a junior Communication Studies major with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. Although Nicole is an aspiring children's author who hopes to spend her future writing, she wants to attend law school upon graduation. Nicole spends much of her time living and working with a great group of sophomores through her position as a Resident Advisor. Her hobbies include yoga, ballet, fencing, knitting, and going on walks with her puppy, Madison. This is Nicole's first year with e-Vision

Brandi Mooring is a junior majoring in International Affairs with a concentration in Middle Eastern and African Studies along with a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. She aspires to join Americorps after graduating before attending graduate school for social work. She imagines a future filled with endless possibilities, including working with non-profit groups, ending world hunger, fighting for social justice, and crafting the world's most comfortable hammock. This is Brandi's first year on the e-Vision editorial board.

Jessica Nelson is an Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies Major with a double minor in Writing and Rhetoric and Elementary Education. After completing the Masters program at JMU Jessica hopes to teach and eventually become a principal. She teaches dance classes at a local studio and also enjoys singing, reading, and traveling. This is her first year on the e-Vision staff.

Cory Scott is a junior Communications major, with a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. He likes to spend his free time writing sporadically, and also has a strong interest in music, in all of its forms and varieties (tune into JMU’s own WXJM from eight to ten on Thursday mornings and listen to his show ‘Come to your senses’). After graduating Cory would like to move to New York City, although he has no idea what he’s going to do there. “The future,” he says thankfully, “is unwritten.” This is his second year on the e-Vision staff.


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