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GWRIT 103 Honors  ~ Essay Assignment #1
Purposes of Education: An Education Narrative with Analysis


Draft Due Tuesday 9/20 (Workshop 9/20, 9/22, 9/27)
Final Revision and Essay Portfolio Due Thursday 9/29

After reading essays by Rodriguez, Pratt, Percy, and Freire, we have witnessed several different pedagogies.  These different educational ideas and methods which these authors believe in can help us understand the reasons and the ways we learn, in the classroom or in life.  Reflect upon your own experiences with education inside or outside the classroom.  Recount one of the experiences which changed you and made you shift the way you view your world.  It may involve a teacher, a family member, a parent, a friend, fellow student, or it could have been an experience you had alone. Take your audience through your experience, so that they can see it and feel it. Show it. Describe the experience, and then analyze it using some of the theories and methods of one of the authors we have encountered to support your analysis. You may want to illustrate a moment when you recovered the sovereignty of an educational experience, or perhaps a moment when you created or were a part of a “contact zone.”  Be specific in your analysis.  Ask yourself, how do some elements of the author’s pedagogy relate to your experience?   What might the author say if she or he were to comment on your educational experience?  This is to be both autobiographical and analytical.  Your essay must contain an autobiographical narrative, comparisons and connections with the author’s ideas, and self-analysis.

Expect to make significant changes or additions when you revise.  I will of course be looking for a well-supported thesis, good mechanics, etc., but I also will be looking for original thought and honest, deeply considered responses.  The final revision should represent a substantial rewriting of the first draft, based on discussion, peer review, and peer editor advice.  You will need to produce a thorough revision of your earlier drafts, not simply a corrected or slightly amended version.
The Final Revision must have

  • 1250-1750 words, typed on a word processor, 1’ margins, 12 pt. font, double-spaced,  with a title; your name, date, course number, section number in the upper left hand  corner of the first page; page number at the bottom of each consecutive page;
  • a clear thesis/point of view/main idea(s) supported with concrete details and examples;
  • your source cited within the piece, according to MLA format (see pp 306-360 in your New Century Handbook);
  • a Works Cited page, formatted to MLA specifications (see pp 306-360 in your New Century Handbook).

    Remember that in order to get credit for your Final Revision, you must hand in all prep work and all of the earlier versions of your paper with your Final Revision in a folder.


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