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Steve Jobs: Transcending All Innovations

by Jennifer Limburg


"Steve Jobs: Transcending All Innovations to Change the World as We Know It"
from Jennifer Limburg on Vimeo.



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Jennifer Limburg is a newly accepted SMAD major and Human Resource Development and Educational Media double minor from Bristol, Virginia. After graduating, she plans to use her education as a vehicle for promoting the success of her city. Her dream is a position in which she is able to showcase Bristol to all types of potential businesses and also to advertise the city's many unique assets, businesses, community events, music festivals, etc., to the public to attract tourism and economic growth.

This GWRTC assignment presented Jennifer with a new and exciting challenge, because it allowed her to combine her writing skills with some of her basic skills in media as well. Upon brainstorming topics, all it took was for her to look down at her MacBook and over to her iPod before she thought, “Perfect.”  Jennifer created this video to recognize Steve Jobs and all of the many pioneering ideas and products that he helped dream up for today’s technology-driven world. 


Volume twelve table of contents