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GWRTC 103: Spring 2011
Dr. Elizabeth Pass

Project #3: Cultural/Critical Analysis of Visual Communication

You are going to analyze and critique a piece of visual communication. It can be a print or electronic publication. Also, there may be text (i.e., words) in the communication but at least 80% of the document must be visuals (i.e., graphics).

In the analysis/critique of the visual communication, you will make claims and discuss what you find effective, ineffective and interesting about the communication. You will need to support your claims with citations of sources (e.g., our text) as well as give specific examples (i.e., figures) demonstrating what you claiming.

You will start with an introduction that centers the reader (I am the audience), a thesis, and a forecasting statement. You will also have informative and grammatically consistent headings and a short but effective conclusion.

Refer to the Document Design and Peer Review file and the Format and Language file for more information.

Your document must be a minimum of 3 pages (1,500 words minimum), single spaced, Garamond, 11point, formatted as a short report. Cite in-text and include a Works Cited.


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