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IS IT DONE? IS IT FINISHED? Why not take the next step and submit it for publication? e-Vision makes publication part of the writing process.

In April 2013, the School of Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication will launch a new journal in place of e-Vision.


will publish excellent work produced in
ALL GWRTC and WRTC undergraduate courses.

The deadline for consideration in Lexia's first issue is
January 31, 2013

We invite submissions from all Summer and Fall 2012 GWRTC and WRTC courses. Submissions that present original research, that take multimodal approaches, that engage with important issues in the discipline, and that take risks with subject matter, genre, and style are particularly welcome. You may submit multiple texts produced in multiple courses, using the submission guidelines below.

IS SUBMITTING YOUR WORK FOR PUBLICATION A GOOD THING? YES! for resumes, internship and grad school applications, and a warm tingly feeling of personal satisfaction

YOU'VE ALREADY DONE THE HARD PART: submitting your work takes about two minutes, and submissions are read anonymously. If your work has potential, we'll help you get it ready for your wider audience.

Electronic Submission Guidelines

Hard-copy Submission Guidelines


Submissions should be double-spaced and use a 12 point font. Submissions that include research should follow a standard citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago).

If your essay is chosen for publication, e-Vision editors will contact you during spring semester to initiate conversation.

e-Vision is published annually each spring. Texts submitted during the spring semester will therefore be considered for the next year's volume.

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e-Vision is sponsored by
the School of Writing, Rhetoric,
and Technical Communication
at James Madison University.



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