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e-Vision is a journal dedicated to publishing the full range of excellent essays written by students in James Madison University’s first year writing course, Critical Reading and Writing (GWRIT 103). For nine years now, students on the e-Vision editorial board have worked to give the engaging, provocative, fundamentally useful essays written by GWRIT students the wider audience they deserve. These are essays that made us sit up a little straighter in our chairs. These are essays that can prompt thought, spark discussion, and inspire more such writing. These are essays we wish we had written.

  • e-Vision publishes student writing. We want good writing, writing that you are proud of, writing that challenged you, and writing that will challenge your readers. If you are a GWRIT 103 student looking for your larger audience, click here for our submission guidelines.
  • e-Vision is produced by students. Students enrolled in the e-Vision practicum (WRTC 395) develop the criteria used to evaluate essays, read and discuss each submission, and work individually with winning essayists to polish their work for publication. If you are a JMU student looking for hands-on experience in editing for publication, click here to learn more about the e-Vision WRTC 395 practicum.
  • e-Vision is a resource for students and teachers. e-Vision essays achieve their different purposes through careful organization and calculating stylistic choices. They engage a range of real-world issues, they appeal to specific audiences, and they convey a very immediate sense of each writer's personality. If you are looking for a specific kind of essay, or for an essay that models a tactic particularly well, click here to explore our cross-referenced index.
  • e-Vision values your feedback. If you want to respond to a particular essay, or if you have used e-Vision in a class, or if you have suggestions as to how we can make e-Vision a more flexible tool for learning, click here to send us an e-mail.
e-Vision is sponsored by the School of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication at James Madison University. Nine volumes are in the books and we are currently taking submissions for Volume Ten.



The ancient Egyptians believed that the god Thoth was the scribe of the Gods and the inventor of writing. The Eye of Thoth came to symbolize knowledge, wisdom and the window of the soul.

e-Vision has chosen the Egyptian eye for a logo because of its many connections with writing and the writing process. Writing requires an awareness and understanding of one's self, as well as the ability to perceive and engage the surrounding world. Equally importantly, writing requires reflection and the wisdom to recognize that texts must be revisited and revised.




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