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volume two

essays from spring & fall 2001


A Window to the Past
Krista Adamovich

Lenin promised peace to the Russian people, but it was an illusion that never came, for the country where my great-grandfather remained with the majority of my family soon sunk into civil war.


Euthanasia: A Compassionate Crime
Margaret Alford

The arrogance of mankind has dampened the hope that individuals can achieve a dignified death.


Dan Roberts

She had seen things and experienced a life that I only knew about through the movies. She acted as though she knew I would not be able to understand her, but I could see in her eyes that she hoped I could.


Female Circumcision
Lisa Meyerhardt

It's easy for us to be self-righteous and rant about the cruelty of female circumcision. However, people in first world countries are often just as destructive, if not more so, to their bodies.


Jennifer Karey

The world where goals and success are of sole importance is not a reality, it is an illusion.


The Cost of Obedience
Anne Springfield

The Nazis follow through with Hitler's plan to exterminate the Jews. Many of the soldiers who work at the death camps were not even members of the Nazi party originally. However, most follow orders obediently.


Capital Punishment: Does Death Equal Justice?
Tara Volpe

Capital punishment causes the death of someone because that person killed someone else, yet only murderers suffer such a fate. Rapists do not endure rape, thieves do not have their possessions robbed, and those convicted of assault do not undergo a similar assault.


Shedding the Shackles
Meghan Hyland

I began to follow in my sister's footsteps, and suddenly I lost myself.


Comics: A Better Means to an Artistic End
Sean Nyhan

If a line of symmetry were to be drawn down the center of the paper, it would seem that each character rests within his environment about to collide with the other. Even without words, a vivid story begins to formulate in my mind, and hopefully I share the artist's vision.


Flash: September Eleventh
Jennifer Karey

(An extra essay published in honor of those who perished during the September 11 tragedy)

I see the three bodies in his painting as people falling from the 110th floor of the South Tower. I see the broken debris and splintered wood as pieces of steel and glass collapsing to the ground, taking firefighters and innocent people with it.




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