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Laura Becker is a senior majoring in print journalism and minoring in Writing and Rhetoric.This is her first year on the e-Vision staff, and she is excited to be part of an online publication after working on multiple print productions. Laura enjoys reading, traveling, and playing with her puppy. She lives in Harrisonburg with her husband and looks forward to seeing where life takes them.

Cooper Greene frequently breaks out in a flurry of dance moves. Music serves as the background of his existence, with the newest pump-up track on his Ipod highlighting his daily movements, actions, and thoughts. A Marketing Business to Business major with a minor in Writing and Rhetoric, Cooper's love for English classes and rhetorical arguments grew from his family’s background in writing, specifically his father, grandmother, and aunt’s publications of preteen-themed stories. This is his first year on the e-Vision board.

Nicole Lee is a senior Communication Studies major with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. Nicole is an aspiring children's author who dreams of spending her future oceanside with a daily agenda of writing, painting, and baking. At JMU Nicole lives and works in Chandler Hall as an undergraduate Hall Director. Her hobbies include yoga, ballet, fencing, knitting, and skydiving. Nicole is the proud owner of the most adorable puppy in the world, Madison. This is Nicole's second year with e-Vision.

Brandi Mooring is a senior majoring in International Affairs with a concentration in Middle Eastern and African Studies along with a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. She aspires to join Americorps after graduating before attending graduate school for social work. She imagines a future filled with endless possibilities, including working with non-profit groups, ending world hunger, fighting for social justice, and crafting the world's most comfortable hammock. This is Brandi's second year on the e-Vision editorial board.

Jessica Nelson is an Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies Major with a double minor in Writing and Rhetoric and Elementary Education. After completing the Masters program at JMU Jessica hopes to teach and eventually become a principal. She teaches dance classes at a local studio and also enjoys singing, reading, and traveling. This is her second year on the e-Vision staff.

Melissa Noble is a senior Communication Studies major with a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. Following graduation this spring, Melissa hopes to attend graduate school to pursue a career in student affairs. Among other interests, Melissa loves JMU, her friends, small critters (namely, squirrels and chipmunks), reality television, Nicaragua, spontaneity, and The Office. This is her first year on the e-Vision staff.

Becca Parker is a Senior Justice Studies major, and Writing & Rhetoric minor, who feels privileged to be required to read Dave Eggers, Annie Dillard, and Howard Zehr for class. She can be found throughout the Valley either writing, rock climbing, skiing, or escaping from the world through camping. Aside from her life as an aspiring writer, she has a deep passion against injustice and an unnatural love for The Avett Brothers.

Martin Steger is a junior pre-Media Arts & Design major with a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. He hopes to gain admission to SMAD’s digital video department this spring and then figure out what to do with his life while in the program. Martin would like to use his writing skills in a multimedia format. This is his first year on the e-Vision staff.

Kye Swenson is a senior Marketing major and a Writing and Rhetoric minor. His interests include sports, stock investing, mystery novels, and traveling. This past spring semester, he participated in JMU’s COB 300 study abroad program in Antwerp, Belgium. Kye hopes to pursue a writing-oriented career that involves marketing research and analysis. This is his first year on the e-Vision staff.

Alison Ward is a senior Media Arts and Design Major with a concentration in Corporate Communication and a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. After graduation this spring, Alison will work as a Traveling Leadership Consultant and will mentor organizations across the country. At JMU, Alison can be seen running in the arboretum, reading Sue Grafton novels at Starbucks, and chatting with her sorority sisters. Alison will very deeply miss the Chicken Nuggets at D-Hall upon graduation. This is her first-year on the e-Vision staff.







Becoming an Editor

Click here for information about our editorial internship program, or contact Karen McDonnell at 568-7941 or

Student editors are required to enroll in WRIT 395: e-Vision Internship, a one-credit course that meets one hour per week.


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