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In April 2013, James Madison University's School of Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication
launched a new journal and a new site in place of e-Vision.


publishes the excellent work produced in
ALL GWRTC and WRTC undergraduate courses

Visit the new Lexia site at http://www.jmu.edu/lexia/


Lexia continues to publish texts produced by students in James Madison University's first-year writing courses, Critical Reading and Writing (GWRTC 103) and Reading and Writing Workshop (WRTC 100). Check out the Lexia submission guidelines page for help submitting your work.

If you're looking for the deep archives, though, you're in the right place. For twelve years, from 2000 to 2012, the students on the e-Vision editorial board gave these engaging, provocative, fundamentally useful texts the wider audience they deserve.

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    Find what you're looking for in e-Vision using the "FIND IT" button above. Looking for essays that engage a particular subject (like gender roles, popular culture, the environment, racial and ethnic identity, religion and spirituality...)? Check out the Subject Index. Want to connect with an audience, begin well and end better, really use research, analyze closely, delay (or even omit) a thesis, incorporate multimedia, develop your voice, organize and transition effectively? Visit the Tactic and Style Index. Or locate specific texts using the Author Index and Title Index. nicationiversity.

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