Twelve Years of e-Vision

From 2000-2012, the e-Vision Journal of First-Year Writing published the excellent work created by students in James Madison University's first-year writing courses.

Through twelve volumes, e-Vision and the undergraduate students who served on the e-Vision Editorial Board gave these engaging, provocative, fundamentally useful texts the wider audience they deserve.

All 104 e-Vision essays have been published again through JMU's Scholarly Commons platform.

If you've ever wondered just how wide that wider e-Vision audience might be, check out the map below.

The e-Vision Index

Looking for essays that model a specific tactic or style, or that engage a specific subject? Trying to track down a specific e-Vision writer or essay?

TACTIC and STYLE INDEX: Useful lists of effective essays that offer rhetorical analysis, engage primary and secondary sources, incorporate multimedia, organize and transition between paragraphs, begin well and end better, target and connect with a specific audience, create a memorable style or voice….

SUBJECT INDEX: Art, popular culture, the environment, gender roles, 9/11, racial and ethnic identity, religion and spirituality, writing about reading and writing, family and wellness, technology, dystopia.... It's all here.

TITLE INDEX: Browse through 104 really good titles.

AUTHOR INDEX: You love the writer, but cannot remember the name. All 102 e-Vision authors are available here.

The Wider e-Vision Audience
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e-Vision: Publishing History

We're still working on this new version of the e-Vision site—almost six years after e-Vision published its last volume—for a number of reasons:

  • The site has been a destination since e-Vision published Volume 1 in 2000 (more to come here).
  • This new version of the site preserves the e-Vision Index for readers who find the journal through JMU's Scholarly Commons platform (more to come here).
  • The e-Vision history is worth celebrating (more to come here).

Below, we've offered old versions of the e-Vision site, a glimpse or two into the deep e-Vision archives (more to come here), and contact information (more to come here).


e-Vision published its first volume when James Madison University's School of Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication was just a few years in as an independent Writing Program. In Volume 1 of e-Vision, the student editors and faculty advisors hoped that the journal could be a celebration, a showcase, and a resource. The nearly 100 student editors who served on the e-Vision Editorial Board over the next eleven years worked very hard to represent the different genres and media that JMU first-year writers worked in. Through each new version of the e-Vision website—this is version #4—we have worked to preserve important or representative pages from the journal's ideas and history (more to come). 


In 2012, WRTC launched Lexia, a new journal dedicated to publishing the excellent work produced in all WRTC undergraduate courses. Through five volumes—2013-2017—Lexia undergraduate editors shared the diverse texts created in the disciplines of writing, rhetoric, and technical communications.

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