Next Month

February 22: MC Educator Workshop

February 22: Trivia Night

February 22: Trivia Night

February 23: New York Life On-Campus Counseling Sessions

February 23: Food for Thought

February 23: Crafting Culture to Create Happy and Productive Teams (TD2172)

February 23: opt walk-in session

February 23: Happy Hour

February 23: Dinner with a Local Active Citizen

February 24: Asian Studies Conference

February 24: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown

February 24: Fourth Annual STEM Educator's Workshop

February 24: Fidelity One-on-One Counseling Sessions

February 24: UREC Cooking Class

February 24: Dr. Paul Nedelisky to give LRI talk

February 24: Seminar

February 24: Honors project pre-submission form deadline for May 2017 grads

February 24: Public Star Party Friday February 24

February 24: The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine

February 24: On-campus AA Meeting

February 25: Service Conference

February 26: Long-Term Partners Panel

February 27: Meatless Monday

February 27: Signature Days

February 27: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown

February 27: tax workshop

February 27: Democracy in Peril Putin

February 27: Canine Soldiers and the Militarization of Love

February 27: Madtalk: Draining the Swamp? How "Lobbying Bans" Actually Make Corruption Worse

February 28: Third Block Classes End

February 28: 529 College Savings Plan through FIRM & American Funds

February 28: Signature Days

February 28: Women and Leadership: Working Through Barriers and Biases (TD2067)

February 28: opt walk-in session

February 28: ABP 25 Years Picture on Wilson Steps

February 28: English Conversation Club - Exam Relief Strategies

February 28: Ben Shahn Art and Civic Engagement

February 28: Stuart Hall School Tuition Discount Information Session

February 28: Envisioning Change: Activism in Art

February 28: Neil Simon's Last of the Red Hot Lovers - Walnut Street Theatre

February 28: Brahms' Schicksalslied (Song of Destiny), Op. 54

March 1: Call for Faculty Associates: Scholarship and Teaching

March 1: Signature Days

March 1: SEA Committee Meeting

March 1: Learn About Nonprofit Internships (co-sponsored with CAP)

March 1: Aflac On-Campus Counseling Sessions

March 1: Legendary Service - The Key is to Care (TD2081)

March 2: Signature Days

March 2: Emerging Leaders (TD1049)

March 2: Met Life On-campus Counseling Sessions

March 2: Engaged Scholarship Networking Lunch

March 2: Gateways to Inclusion (TD1829)

March 2: Dr. James Risser talk on dialogue and interpretation

March 3: Farewell Alternative Spring Breaks

March 3: Signature Days

March 3: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown

March 3: Dr. James Risser talk on truth in art

March 6: Spring Break Begins

March 7: ICMA-RC One-on-One Counseling Sessions

March 7: Teach With Style (TD1836)

March 7: Pre-Retirement Planning (TD1372)

March 7: Student Employment Essentials (TD1461)

March 7: Philosophy colloquium: Dr. Marc Hight

March 10: JMU Closed

March 10: Parking Services Closed

March 10: University Closed

March 10: Google Geo Teacher Institute at JMU

March 10: Cascade Open Lab Training

March 13: Classes Resume

March 13: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown

March 13: Mandatory Freshmen/First-Year IdLS Orientation Meeting

March 13: Deadline for Professional Development Fund

March 14: 529 College Savings Plan through FIRM & American Funds

March 14: Injured at Work-What Next? Understanding Workers Compensation (TD0119)

March 14: JMU Student STC Chapter Meeting

March 15: Diversity Conference 2017

March 15: VALIC One-on-One Counseling Sessions

March 15: COLLOQUIUM II: Using Visual Models to Understand the Past and the Future

March 15: Birds of the Arboretum with Diane Lepkowski-

March 15: opt walk-in session

March 16: TIAA One-on-One Counseling Sessions

March 16: Emerging Leaders (TD1049)

March 16: eVA Overview

March 16: Mandatory Freshmen/First-Year IdLS Orientation Meeting

March 16: Film Screening: Maidan

March 17: Apply for Writing Renewal Retreat Summer 2017

March 17: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown

March 17: Meetings, Bloody Meetings (TD1740)

March 17: Annual Stewardship Luncheon

March 17: Cooking Demo

March 20: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown

March 20: Spring Business Meeting

March 21: Greening Your Office (TD1516)

March 21: Injured at Work-What Next? Understanding Workers Compensation (TD0119)

March 21: Pre-Retirement Planning (TD1372)

March 21: 10 Tips for Listening, Talking and Writing Effectively at Work (TD2058)

March 22: Stop the Crickets: Engaging Your Audience (TD1967)

March 22: DiSC I: Assessment & Introduction (TD1086)

March 22: Poster Design Workshops

March 23: New York Life On-Campus Counseling Sessions

March 23: Emerging Leaders (TD1049)

March 23: Cascade Overview Training

March 23: Poster Design Workshops

March 23: Gregory Pardlo - poetry reading

March 23: Happy Hour

March 24: office closed

March 24: CAL Career Conference

March 24: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown

March 24: Fidelity One-on-One Counseling Sessions

March 24: Basic Finance & Budgeting: Getting Your Financial Ducks in a Row (TD1373)

March 24: Dr. Lydia Patton talk: how do laws of nature explain?

March 24: Hillcrest Scholarships application deadline

March 24: islc

March 27: Identity Theft and Legal Protection Plans through LegalShield

March 27: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown

March 27: Core Introduction to the 8KQ Workshop

March 28: The JMU Registrar's Office (TD1319)

March 28: Making the Most of Your One-on-One Meetings (TD2174)

March 28: JMU Student STC Chapter Meeting

March 28: office closed

March 29: Courage at Work (TD2074)

March 29: office closed

March 30: Emerging Leaders (TD1049)

March 30: Teaching Social Justice and Bioethics

March 30: office closed

March 31: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown

March 31: tax workshop

March 31: office closed

March 31: Public Star Party Friday March 31

April 1: Gwendolyn Brooks Centennial Celebrations - photographic exhibit

April 1: big event

April 3: TIAA One-on-One Counseling Sessions

April 3: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown

April 3: Gwendolyn Brooks Bench Dedication and Community Reading

April 3: MC Educator Workshop

April 4: Pre-Retirement Planning II (TD1604)

April 4: Student Employment Essentials (TD1462)

April 4: Environment/Sustainability Networking

April 4: JMU Student STC Chapter Meeting

April 5: eVA Overview

April 5: Hiring @ JMU (TD1002)

April 5: I Can't Work, Now What? Understanding the VSDP (TD1204)

April 5: I Can't Work, Now What? Understanding the VSDP (TD1204)

April 5: Aflac On-Campus Counseling Sessions

April 5: MC Educator Workshop

April 6: 529 College Savings Plan through FIRM & American Funds

April 6: Core Introduction to the Eight Key Questions

April 6: Emerging Leaders (TD1049)

April 6: Mentoring for Growth (TD2079)

April 6: Optional Retirement Participants, What to Expect When Retiring(TD1352)

April 6: Optional Retirement Participants, What to Expect When Retiring(TD1352)

April 7: Board of Visitors Meeting

April 7: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown

April 7: Derailed Communication (TD2188)

April 10: Cascade Open Lab Training

April 10: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown

April 10: tax workshop

April 11: ICMA-RC One-on-One Counseling Sessions

April 11: Give 'em the Pickle (TD1616)

April 11: opt walk-in session

April 11: Kris Sealey - Visiting Scholar lecture

April 11: DEADLINE to submit Honors Capstone Project for May 2017 grads

April 12: Hiring @ JMU (TD1002)

April 12: Met Life On-campus Counseling Sessions

April 12: Life Insurance: Your Family Might Depend Upon It Someday (TD1350)

April 12: Life Insurance: Your Family Might Depend Upon It Someday (TD1350)

April 13: Workplace Substance Abuse Management for Supervisors (TD1398)

April 13: Emerging Leaders (TD1049)

April 13: Introduction to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) (TD1242)

April 13: Student Open House

April 13: Happy Hour

April 13: Film Screening: Leviathan

April 14: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown

April 14: Not Everyone Gets a Trophy (TD1741)

April 14: Basic Finance & Budgeting: Getting Your Financial Ducks in a Row (TD1373)

April 14: DEADLINE to submit Honors Capstone Project application and proposal

April 17: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown

April 17: Gwendolyn Brooks Centennial Poetry Prize winners - reading

April 18: How to Prepare for an Active Shooter Event

April 18: Our Iceberg is Melting (TD1828)

April 18: Cascade Overview Training

April 18: JMU Student STC Chapter Meeting

April 19: Micro-inequities Exclude (TD2168)

April 19: COLLOQUIUM III: Exploring the Dynamics of Community Research and the Many Voices of Harrisonburg Project

April 19: opt walk-in session

April 20: VALIC One-on-One Counseling Sessions

April 20: New York Life On-Campus Counseling Sessions

April 20: Emerging Leaders (TD1049)

April 20: Lighten Up Your Team: Creating Collaboration (TD2169)

April 20: Telecom, Facility Coordinators & Building Repairs (TD1048)

April 20: Spring Social

April 20: Cultura y Comunidad Keynote Lecture

April 21: Cultura y Comunidad Teacher Workshop

April 21: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown

April 21: Honors Symposium

April 21: Butterflies at EJC Arboretum

April 21: graduation reception

April 22: -Greg Moyers Gives a Guided Bird Walk at the EJC Arboretum

April 24: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown

April 25: JMU JobLink (IT195)

April 27: Emerging Leaders (TD1049)

April 27: IQ or EQ? Both Please! (Emotional Intelligence Basics) (TD2060)

April 27: Happy Hour

April 28: Scholarly Writers' Lockdown

April 28: Public Star Party Friday April 28

May 3: Aflac On-Campus Counseling Sessions

May 4: Graduate Commencement Ceremony

May 4: Met Life On-campus Counseling Sessions

May 5: Main and College of Business Commencement Ceremonies

May 5: Honors College Medallion Ceremony & Reception

May 5: JMU Closes at 1pm

May 5: University Closing at 1:00 p.m.

May 6: Individual College Commencement Ceremonies

May 9: eVA Overview

May 9: Retirement 101: Understanding Your VRS Retirement (TD1212)

May 10: May Symposium Conference Day

May 10: Resonant Leadership: Renewing Yourself and Connecting with Others through Mindfulness, Hope and Compassion (TD1824)

May 12: Advanced AACP Overview (TD2144)

May 16: Business Writing & Proofreading (TD1021)

May 16: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Temperaments (TD1259)

May 16: Infusing Fun Into the Workday (TD2176)

May 18: It's Okay to Be the Boss (TD1742)

May 18: VALIC One-on-One Counseling Sessions

May 18: New York Life On-Campus Counseling Sessions

May 18: Capture the Concepts: Note Taking Strategies (TD1902)

May 19: Focus on Fiber (TD2154)

May 22: Academic Portfolio Institute

May 23: ICMA-RC One-on-One Counseling Sessions

May 23: Understanding and Using the Grievance Procedure (TD1151)

May 23: Extreme Couponing (TD2045)

Ongoing Attractions

Edith J. Carrier Arboretum
Open daily dawn to dusk
Off University Boulevard
Contains a wide variety of trees and plants native to Virginia; call (540) 568-3194 for tours; free.

JMU Meteorite Collection
Open daily
First- and second-floor hallways, Physics and Chemistry Building
Features fragments of meteoroids that survived passage through the atmosphere to fall to the earth's surface as masses of metal or stone; includes specimens from Diablo Canyon, Ariz., the Sahara Desert and the Central European Strewn Field; free.

Masks from Around the World Collection at the College of Education
8 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday
Lobby of War Memorial Auditorium, Memorial Hall
Featuring 50 masks, this collection was donated to the college for use by its students interested in studying the interplay between cultural ideals and masks; the collection includes masks used in performance, masks of Asia and masks of Europe; free.

JMU Mineral Museum
8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday
Room 6139, Memorial Hall
The Department of Geology and Environmental Science opens its collection of over 550 crystals and gemstones from around the world to the public; for information, call (540) 568-6130; free.

JMU Libraries and Educational Technologies' Special Collections
10 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Thursday and by appointment
Room 207, Carrier Library
Features manuscripts, rare books and periodicals, oral histories and other resources for study, including many acquisitions focusing on the Central Shenandoah Valley; for information, call (540) 568-3612; free.

“Dressing for Shakespeare in Shenandoah” Exhibition
Open during library hours through February 2018
Historic west wing of Carrier Library
Presented by JMU Libraries and Educational Technologies, the exhibition illustrates the importance of the Bard in the first 50 years of JMU history, with a focus on 1916, when the 300th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death was commemorated on campus and in Harrisonburg. The exhibition includes images and ephemera from JMU’s Special Collections showing the two-day celebration, which included a mile-long parade and an outdoor pageant. Also featured are items from the JMU School of Theatre and Dance’s historic clothing and costume collections, as well as Shakespearean costumes from the Federal Theatre Project (1935-39). Students and Shakespeare, a related exhibition on the second floor of the library, near the Special Collections Reading Room, is also available.

The little Gallery Underground
Open during music library hours
JMU Music Library, Room B59, Music Building
The gallery is a place for music visualized. It features rotating displays of art by local artists, both within the JMU community and beyond. What makes the gallery unique is the connection between visual art and music. For more information, visit

John C. Wells Planetarium
Miller Hall
The planetarium offers full-dome shows and special events for the public; groups can schedule visits by calling (540) 568-4071; check the planetarium's website at for the latest information; free.

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