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May 2015

May 28: Leading While Speaking (TD1999):

Location: Wine-Price Building

Course Description:

Good leaders know how to communicate in a way that solves the problem of each conflict they face.  Great leaders know how to communicate in a way that transforms conflict into positive change. They are able to transform the conflict in their lives through intentional, inspired speaking.

When leaders shift their view of conflict from “conflict is a problem to be solved” to “conflict is an opportunity to create positive change”, their world expands. They begin to inspire and fully engage those around them. Their communication becomes powerful. 

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn how to speak with intention to empower and fully engage those they lead.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will understand, learn and practice:

  • The philosophy of conflict transformation and its value in the workplace
  • How to identify their own conflict behavior style
  • How to recognize and work with the conflict behavior style of others
  • The Circles of Speaking distinction that will empower their communication as a leader
Presented by: Dawn Miller Sander, Owner and Speaker, Conflict Transformation Associates


May 28: Change and Innovation through Brainstorming (TD1969):

Location: Wine-Price Building

Workshop Description: Have you realized that what’s always worked isn’t working anymore? Are things changing so fast that you and your team can’t keep up? Are you faced with a specific problem for which you need an innovative solution? This workshop will give you practical ways to help yourself and your team solve problems, think more creatively, share ideas more readily, and embrace the change that can propel all of you forward.

In this workshop, participants will:
• Explore strategies to help team generate ideas
• Identify, redirect and manage idea smashers
• Learn strategies to lead productive brainstorming meeting

Presented by: Raymond Brown, Jr., Professional Development Specialist


May 29: Give Peace a Chance:

May 29-31, 2015
Glen Allen, VA
The Beatles rapidly evolved from producing innocent teenage love lyrics to posing profound questions about reality. They revolutionized popular songs intellectually as well as musically. Their songs and music influenced the world from the sixties to today's life. The longing for more authentic relationships, true love, spiritual peace and political solutions hope, the eager yet critical embrace of consumer culture, the chemically assisted lift-off into inner space. The students and faculty of the Latin Ballet will dance to inspire "peace and harmony in our world," the philosophic music of the Beatles in the styles of Contemporary Dance, Classical Ballet, Flamenco, Middle Eastern Dance, Dance Theatre, Salsa, Capoeira and Hip Hop.
Please visit for location/schedule/tickets.

May 29: Course Withdrawal Deadline:

Course Withdrawal Deadline

Last day to declare or change a grading or repeat option.

Graduate and Undergraduate
1st Four Week


May 29: Add with Department Permission Deadline:

Ten Week


May 30: Kids Book Festival needs volunteers:

WVPT is looking for 10 volunteers for this year's Kids Book Festival on May 30th at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds.

Volunteers would be helping with activities anywhere from managing booths to walking around in a costume as a mascot!

The volunteers could arrive at 10:15am and stay until 2pm for the 11am-2pm event.

Help is also needed for setup the day before and teardown immediately following the event.

If interested in signing up to volunteer or need additional information, please contact Tina at (540) 820-9691 or at


May 30: WVPT Kids' Book Festival:

Stop by and see us at this annual festival for kids and get information about this year’s Children's Poetry Camp.

WVPT Kids' Book Festival (2015)


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June 2015

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