Madison Collaborative

Lori Pyle, Ph.D.

Associate Chair


Joe Derby, Ph.D.

Faculty Fellow


Kara Kavanagh, Ph.D.

Faculty Fellow


Anna Lehnen

Student Affairs Fellow


Tim Ball, Ph.D.

Faculty Fellow - Emeritus


Shelly Laurenzo

Student Affairs Fellow - Emeritus


Erica Lewis, Ph.D.

Ethics Fellow - Emeritus


Holly McCartney, Ph.D.

Faculty Fellow - Emeritus

The Madison Collaborative Council

The Madison Collaborative Council is a broad cross section of the faculty, administration and student leadership at JMU that serves as the advisory body to the MC.

Allison Ames, Center for Assessment & Research Studies

Josh Bacon, Office of the Dean of Students

Dave Barnes, University Unions

Fletcher Linder, Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies

Cara Meixner, Center for Faculty Innovation

David McGraw, Integrated Science and Technology

Kevin Meaney, Residence Life

Meg Mulrooney, University Studies

Andy Perrine, Communications and Marketing

Elisabeth Pyburn, Center for Assessment & Research Studies

Sarah Sunde, Orientation

Michael Trocchia, Libraries & Educational Technologies, Philosophy and Religion

Rob Tucker, Communications and Marketing

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