ESoL Main Street is where you will find information about Harrisonburg and Rockingham County

 Whether youíre an ESL teacher


an English language learner.

Weíre excited to introduce this new website to you.

But donít think of ESoL Main Street as just more technology.

Think of it as your free, web-based tool kit.

Because thatís what ESoL Main Street is.

Itís a FREE kit filled with tools to enhance your English language and civics education.

How can YOU use these free, web-based tool kits?

  • As a vocabulary building tool --- ATM, bookmobile, family doctor, primary care physician, drug store, and HMO are all words that anyone learning the English language needs to know. ESoL Main Street stories introduce these words in stories that teach civics education at the same time.

  • As a conversational English skills tool --- Doing something as simple as making a doctorís appointment can seem overwhelming if youíre not comfortable with your speaking skills. ESoL Main Street stories provide lots of information for students to practice asking and answering questions in advance.

  • As an English grammar tool --- Learning English grammar is hard, even for native speakers. ESoL Main Street helps make it a little more fun. If you write a Main Street story, you learn how to research information, make appointments, ask questions, organize information, and put that information together into a short article. Best of all, you can see your words in print ñ send Main Street stories to us, and weíll post them to the website.

  • As a computer skills tool --- Computers are everywhere these days. ESoL Main Street can helps teach you how to navigate a website, follow links, and assess the information out there. Writing ESoL Main Street stories provides practice in keyboarding skills and lessons in how to use word processing and e-mail programs.

These are just some of the ways you can use the ESoL Main Street tool kit. You are only limited by your imagination as to how it can enhance your English language learning and civics education.

How to get around ESoL Main Street

On ESoL Main Street, information is just a click away. Each building on ESoL Main Street takes you to what you want to know.

For example: 

  • Do you want to know how to register your child for school? Or where you can go to improve your English?

Click on the school building School Building on ESoL Main Street.

  • Want to learn about health care in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County?

    Click on the Health Care Services Building Health Care Services Building  
    on ESoL Main Street


  • Want to send us a Main Street Story, a teaching tip, a suggestion, or a comment?

Click on the envelope Contact Usbelow.


  • Want to read the latest issue of News on the Street or view a list of upcoming events?

Click on the calendar What's happening on ESOL Main Streetbelow.

So come on in and take a stroll down ESoL Main Street. Just click on the ESOL Main Street sign below. And donít worry about getting lost ñ a double click on the street sign at the bottom of each page Back to Main Street Sign will bring you back to the ESoL Main Street homepage.


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The Main Street project is a partnership of the Virginia Department of
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