Main Street Stories

What is a Main Street Story?

A Main Street Story tells the reader about something in their community. A Main Street Story can be about:

  • Where you can go to learn English in your community – when the classes are and what you need to do to take a class
  • What fun activities are available in your community? Are there soccer teams for children? Parks for picnics? A historical site to visit? Or a special museum? Each one of these could be a Main Street Story.
  • What types of health care services are available in your community? Where is the hospital? Is there more than one? Is there a free clinic? Can you get a translator to help you understand? Again, each of these could be a Main Street Story.

Anyone can write a Main Street Story. Just ask yourself “What would I like to know about living in Virginia?” Answer that question, decide where to find the information, get the information, and turn it into a Main Street Story. Use stories already on the website as examples.

How to submit a Main Street Story

A class can write a Main Street Story or a small group of students or just one student. Send your stories to us to post on the website. Teachers or tutors and students should review the following guidelines before submitting a Main Street Story:

  • Stories should be short, no more than one double-spaced typed page. One or two paragraphs are best.
  • Write about a specific idea. For example, instead of writing about health insurance in the United States, write about how to get health insurance.
  • Double-check your story before sending it. Make sure the spelling is correct and that you have all of your facts correct.
  • Teachers or tutors must submit all Main Street Stories, whether the class, a group of students, or an individual student wrote them. Please include teacher’s or tutor’s name, student’s name, name of your program, and how we can reach you if we have questions.
  • All Main Street Stories must be submitted by e-mail to:


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The Main Street project is a partnership of the Virginia Department of
Education, James Madison University and the Workforce Improvement Network
For more information about this project, contact Lisa Schick

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