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And click on "Family and Education" for lots of information on living in Virginia.

  • At the "Virginia Community Database" link and type in your zip code. Click on 'Go" and you're off to all sorts of local information. If your zip code is 22840, the link takes you to a page with links to Rockingham County
  • The "Education" section takes you to school links. You can find information on your local schools and libraries and museums in Virginia.
  • "Just for Fun" links you to fun sites such as "Kids Links." You can connect to Homework Help or Today in History.

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Want to know more about how state government works? Or who represents you in the General Assembly? Go the General Assembly's Citizen's Guide.

Here you'll find:

  • Follow a bill step-by-step, from idea to becoming law
  • Find information on election results
  • Little-known facts about Virginia. For example, do you know what breed is the state dog? Or that there is an official state insect? Click on "Emblems and Symbols" to get the answers.
  • Related Links
  • "Commonwealth of Virginia" takes you to the "My Virginia" homepage
  • "Piper Resources" provides links to state and local government for all 50 states

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