Daycare and My Child

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Daycare is the place where children stay during the day when a parent cannot be at home with them. Daycare is also called childcare by some people.

There are different kinds of daycare.

  • Up to four persons take care of the many children in group daycare homes.

  • Daycare Centers are licensed by the state. The number of children depends on the number of trained staff and the size of the building.

  • Many parents use nursery schools and preschools because these places prepare children for going into kindergarten.

  • Some people use baby-sitters to keep their children at their home or the home of the baby-sitter.

Daycare centers are usually opened from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Families and the baby-sitter will set hours that are needed by the family and the baby-sitter can provide.

Daycare centers are usually more expensive than baby-sitters. If a baby-sitter gets sick the family might be without childcare while the baby-sitter is sick.

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