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Remember --- 911 is the phone number to call for emergencies.

Photo -  Girl standing over unconcious person
Photo - Girl calling 911 for help

911 is a great help if there is an emergency. But what do you need to tell the person who answers the phone? Come on in and find out!

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When you call 911, you may feel stressed or panicked. After all, you or someone with you is having an emergency. But it is important to remain calm.

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After you dial 911, the dispatcher who answers your call will ask you some questions. These are the four questions you need to be ready to answer:

1. What kind of an emergency do you have or what kind of help do you need?

2. Where are you? Be sure to give the full street address (example: 61 Clinton 
    Street, Harrisonburg) and the closest intersection (example, Clinton Street and  
    North Main Street/Rt. 11N)

3. What is the telephone number you are calling from?

4. If it is a medical emergency, what is the patient's information?
                 This includes what is wrong with the patient, the patient's age, if the                  patient is conscious, and if they are breathing.

Photo - Girl checks for pulse of unconcious woman

The 911 dispatcher is there to help. Having this information ready will make it easier for the dispatcher to assist you. You might even want to keep a copy of these questions by your phone just in case. No one wants to ever have an emergency, but if you do, you'll be ready!

Photo - Girl answers questions for 911 operator

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