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Environmental Science

The Environmental Science Minor is a multidisciplinary program that can be elected by any student. For example, students pursuing programs ranging from the physical, natural or social sciences, to education, journalism, or business, all benefit from this broadly based environmental curriculum. The program draws from courses that focus on the application of scientific concepts and principles to the understanding of environmental problems and their solutions. The minor draws upon the expertise of faculty in the areas of biology, chemistry, geography, geology, physics, integrated science and technology.




Why be an Environmental Science Minor?


This is ISAT student, Arthur Berberich, beside an artificial stream that he constructed to test how algae accumulate mercury in contaminated streams.  This system was deployed on the South River for 6 weeks and mercury uptake by algae were measured.
  • The Environmental Science minor provides a scientific background to those students interested in environmental law, environmental economics, and environmental sustainability.

  • The Environmental Science minor broadens your understanding of how sciences are linked to environmental questions

  • The Environmental Science minor complements any major by focusing on courses related to environmental issues.


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