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Brett Seekford’s creative piece "Charlie-Boy" has been accepted for publication by Diverse Voices Quarterly.

Roger Sollenberger and Evan Allgood started a popular and well-considered on-line literary magazine called Trop

Lindsay Parnell had her first novel, Dogwood, published by Linen Press in England.

Joseph Maddrey is a freelance writer in Hollywood and has written multiple books and biographies, as well as written and produced a documentary on horror films. 

Two students from the James Madison University Department of English, Tara Hill and Emily Mangan, had their ten-minute plays chosen as two of the six finalists for the 2016 Region IV Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival in Charleston, South Carolina. 


Students have recently had internships with Walt Disney Corporation, Richmond Comedy Coalition, DeSales Service works, The Connection Newspapers, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, Cloud9 Music,  Sentara Healthcare, The Robert F Kennedy Center for Justine and Human Rights, SoundExchange, Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance, and NewPort News Shipbuilding.


Sarah Zeglin is Sr. Director of Content for National Geographic

Kate Sederstrom was offered the publicity assistant job for Penguin Random House in NYC.

Brooke Magalis worked as a senior writer for the blog Black on the Canvas, and is the Owner and composer of her company FiveSound.

Sean Townsend interned at the Furious Flower Poetry Center at JMU, and now works for Grey House Publishing.

Jessica Bur is a Technology Reporter at Meritek, and Erica Dodson works as a Media Representative at BH Media Group.

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