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Awards and Scholarships

Application Process

To apply for a Department of English Scholarship, please complete the Scholarship Application.

Deadlines Apply

The deadline to apply for the 2018-2019 Academic Year is January 31, 2018.

Scholarship Awards for Continuing Students:

The Ella A. Dahms Myers Scholarship was established in 2015, in memory of her grandmother, by Cheryl (“Cherie”) Myers Warfield, ’85 alumna and legacy parent who serves on the James Madison University Parent’s Council. Ms. Warfield has made provisions to permanently endow this scholarship through her estate. The scholarship is intended to recognize and support the intellectual spark in an exceptional junior or senior English major.
Recipients: Faith Whittemore (2017); Elizabeth Ferguson (2016)

The Joye and Robert Ledford Scholarship was established by the Ledfords in April 1993 and is an annual cash award. Robert Ledford was the president of Ledford Associates, Inc. He passed away in September 2010. Their daughter, Angie Ledford Hutchison, graduated from JMU in 1994 with a B.A. in English.
Recipients: Ardyn Tennyson (2018); Samuel Looker (2016, 2017); Rachel Palkovitz (2015); Matthew Smircich (2014); Katherine Sederstrom (2013); Victoria Foster (2012); Erica Figert (2011);    Kaitlyn Schmit (2010); Annalisa Adams (2009); Katherine Hagy (2008); Anthony Carter (2007); Alex Meador (2006)

The Faculty Prize in English Language and Literature is awarded, during the spring semester for use in the subsequent academic year, by the faculty in the Department of English to a rising sophomore or junior who has demonstrated excellence in the study of the English language and linguistics or of literature written in the English language. This is an annual cash award.
Recipients: Kathryn Miller (2018); Heather Frazier (2017); Rachel Bartholomew (2016); Angelica Babauta (2015); Nathan Busskohl (2014); Megan O'Neill (2013); Erica Figert (2012); Joseph Boelsche (2011); Katherine Phyllis Ward (2010); Bonnie Weatherill (2009); Karly Moletteri (2008); Ashley Lowry (2007); Rachael Ragland (2006)

The Stanley Rhys Say Scholarship, established in Say’s memory, provides an annual cash award to a rising junior or senior English major.
Recipients: Samantha Reid (2018); Michael Hartinger (2016, 2017); Anne Hardrick (2015); Benjamin Stoll (2014); Katrina Snyder (2013); Katherine Bulling (2012); Patrick Ragland (2011); Aimee Brasseur (2010); Nicole Ehlers (2009); Caitlyn Plotkin (2008); Ella Saunders (2007); Donna Handley (2006)   

The Flora Morris Scholarship provides an annual cash award to an eligible English major. This scholarship was established in 2010 with a gift from the estate of Flora Morris, a graduate of the class of 1943.
Recipients: Rhys Frazier, Jennifer Monger, and Evan Nicholls (2018); Kayla Chonoles, Jennifer Monger, and Alexander Pickens (2017); Christina DiMinni & Alexander Pickens (2016); George Merryman & Alexandra Maben (2015); Taran Blanton-VanderWege & Alexandra Maben (2014); Kathleen Bryant (2013); Kelly Ostergren (2012); Dwight R. Brown, Jr. (2011)

The Mark Facknitz Award for the Most Promising New English Major, established in 2017, is awarded in honor of Mark Facknitz, a Professor of English at JMU for 34 years. Dr. Facknitz earned a BA in French from Lawrence University, an MFA from the Writer’s Workshop, University of Iowa, and a Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico. He taught creative writing, twentieth century American and British Literature, and Critical Theory. He was deeply committed to teaching English 299: Writing about Literature, the gateway course to the English major, which prepares students to read, write, and research in the field.
Recipients: Matthew Cappo (2018)

Awards for Cumulative Accomplishments by Senior English Majors:
Awards may not be given in each category every year.

Award for Overall Excellence: Samuel Looker (2018); Elizabeth Ferguson (2017); Alexandra Maben (2016); Matthew Smircich (2015); Rebecca Daugharty (2014); Katherine Bulling (2013); Emilee Wirshing (2012); Annalisa Adams (2011); Bonnie Weatherill (2010); Melissa Wentzel (2009); Ella Saunders (2008); Andrew Newton (2007); Stephen Kelly (2006)

Outstanding English Student (Award from Dean): Samuel Looker (2018); Philecia Hoffer (2014)

Award for Excellence in Academic Writing and Research: Isabelle Furth(2014)

Award for Excellence in the Study of Film: Nicholas Graber (2018); Rob Porter (2017); Meagan Riley (2016); Samuel Franklin (2014); Anna Frazer (2013); Ian Spiegel-Blum (2012); Kristin Brown (2011); Jacob Agner (2010); Shannon McGarth (2009); Joseph Craft (2008); Thomas Gregory (2007); Marcus Hudgins (2006)

Award for Excellence in the Study of African-American Literature: Bria Coleman (2018); Kailyn Harris-Gilliam (2017); Brett Seekford (2016); Ellen Stringer (2015); Greer Drummond (2014); Levi Key (2013); Elizabeth Harrison (2012); Nichole Ehlers (2010); Teagan O'Bar (2008); Joseph Fridley (2007) 

Award for Excellence in Gender, Sexuality, and Literature: Honora Cargile (2018); Rachel Bartholomew (2017); Nicole Baucum (2016); Grace Jordan (2015); Megan O’Neill (2014); Hannah Austin (2013); Mitchell Hobza (2012); Kelsey Smith (2011); Danielle Ainson (2010); Deena Hannoun (2009); Bria Gardner (2008); Rebecca Ward (2007); Andria Ortega (2006)

Award for Excellence in the Study of American Literature: Madeline Marsh (2018); Rebecca Josephson (2017); Rachel Palkovitz (2016); Sarah Golibart (2015); Jacqueline Rodebaugh (2014); Lisa Watson (2013); Stephanie Maguire (2012); Matthew Lobb (2011); Kathryn McNelly (2010); Lindsey Hemphill and Andrew Moss (2009); Brian Forman (2008); John Pollard (2007); Katherine Brown (2006)

Award for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Research and Study: Marina Shafik (2018); Alexandra Parker (2014)

Award for Excellence in the Study of Contemporary Literature and Criticism: Aubrey Sharman (2018); Annalisa Adams (2010); Marcus Tremaine McKinstry Hamilton (2009)

Award for Excellence in the Study of Medieval and Renaissance Literature: Michael Hartinger (2018); Lillian Constance (2017); Genevieve Kirk (2016); Gabrielle Rounbehler (2015); Katherine Sederstrom (2014); Devan Maddox (2013); Amanda George (2012); Gabrielle Piccininni (2011); Marlee Newman (2010); Alicia Wendt (2009); Rosanne North (2008); Ben Nicholson (2007)

Award for Excellence in the Study of Creative Writing: Emma McLoughlin (2018); Kathryn Moyer (2017)

Award for Excellence in the Study of Creative Writing - Fiction: Kathryn Moyer (2016); Julianne Guilfoy (2015); Kelly Jackson (2012); Eden-Ena Parks (2011); Jason Hottel (2010); Jakob Branigan and Helen Hagy (2009); Virginia Daniel (2008); Sarah Marbach (2007); Harrison Behl (2006)

Award for Excellence in the Study of Creative Writing - Nonfiction: Sarah Morris (2016); Jessica Bur (2015); Robert Sobel (2012); Charlotte Sohr (2011); Kari Spickard (2010); Roger Sollenberger (2008)

Award for Excellence in the Study of Creative Writing - Poetry: Margaret Dapogny & Steven Einhorn (2016); Sean Townsend (2015); Kayla Runion (2013); Karen Baxter (2012); Garret Milton (2011); Eric Wuestewald (2010)

Award for Excellence in the Study of Social Justice and Literature: Cristina Aragón (2018); Rain Garant (2017); Raiy Pattinson (2016); Aurianna Singleton (2015)

Award for Excellence in the Study of World Literature: John Belmont (2018); Marina Shafik (2017); Paige Evans (2016); Mary Arczynski (2015); Katrina Snyder (2014); Tuba Ahmed (2012); Stephanie LeBlanc (2011); Kate McFarland (2010); Karly Moletteri (2009); Virginia Ficker (2008); Alexandra Meador (2007); Rachael Weber (2006)

Award for Excellence in Service: Meagan Foy (2018); Branden Meyers (2017); Andrea Croft & Lindsey Painter (2016); Shayda Mohajer (2015); Jonathan Brooks (2014); Kimberly Madures (2013); Joseph Boelsche (2012); Matthew Hawkins (2011); Kristin MacKinnon (2010); Morgan Ward (2009); Caitlin Scarano (2008); Heather Luciano (2007); Lauren Wallace (2006)

The Cynthia Gilliatt Bibliophile Award: Alexander Whitehurst (2018); Kristen Greiner (2017); Wendell Austell (2016); Benjamin Stoll (2015); Emily Fischer (2014); Sarah Stacy (2013); Alexander Stinson (2012); Aimee Brasseur (2011); Sara Aultman (2010); Caroline Braun (2009)

Award for Excellence in the Study of Critical Theory and Rhetoric: Faith Whittemore (2018); Lauren Fleetwood (2014); Erica Figert (2013); Chelsea Farmer (2012)

Award for Excellence in the Study of Critical Theory: Rob Porter (2017)

David Hallman Award for Excellence in the Study of Southern Literature: Benjamin Culpepper (2018); Taran O'Grady (2016); Allen Luethke & Katherine Sederstrom (2015); Jonathan Dick & Vincent Castellano (2013); Joseph Vanover (2011); Matthew Hawkins (2010); Emily Langhorne and Travis Prillaman (2009); Alex Norcross (2008); Douglas Zimmerman (2007); Gregory Pollock (2006)

Award for Excellence in Critical Thinking and Analysis: Victoria Hafner (2015); Sarah Dugan (2014)

Geoffrey Morley-Mower Award for the Study of British Literature: Alexander Pickens (2018); Macy Pniewski (2017); Anne Hardrick (2016); Megan O'Neill (2015); Kathleen Bryant (2014); Kelly Ostergren (2013); Lyndsey Marcus (2012); Ryan McLaughlin (2011); Lauren Corbett (2010); Megan Shank (2009); Callyn Lepine (2008); Lindsay Fiesthumel (2007); Christina Curry (2006)

Award for Excellence in the Study of Digital Humanities: Beth Davies (2013) 

Special Award of Achievement by a Returning Student: Colleen Patricia Hoeffling (2009)

Award for Excellence in the Study of the English Language and Linguistics: Alyssa Kidwell (2018); George Merryman (2017); Ashley Comer (2016); Rachael Padgett (2015); Julia Posey (2014); Victoria Foster (2013); Madeline Berkheimer (2012); Elise Stilwell (2011); Jacqueline Quattrocchi (2010); Stephanie Walker (2009); Valerie Hargis (2008); Brian Kim (2007); Robin Smith (2006)

Teacher-Scholar Award for Excellence in the Study of English by a Secondary Education Minor: Kayla Chonoles (2018); Christina DiMinni (2017); Angelica Babauta (2016); Kelly Ann Conner (2015); Hannah Limbaugh (2014); Elyse Krachman (2013); Kaitlyn Schmit (2012); Nichole Ehlers and Mary McCaferty (2011); Emily Young (2010); Anne Noffsinger (2009); Stephen Schiller (2008); Gregory Thompson (2007); Erin Herring (2006)

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