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Work @ ELLS

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Make JMU better for English language learners and build your resumé at ELLS!

What's your passion?

ELLS employs a variety of student positions. We have had these positions over the years:

  • ELLS Assistant: helps with daily operations
  • International Student Liaison: focuses on advocacy and services for our visa-holding multilingual students 
  • Bilingual Student Liason: focuses on advocacy and services for our domestic multilingual students
  • Marketing and Outreach Assistant: manages marketing to English language learners
  • Program Facilitors: facilitate various programs that match their expertise and add value to the JMU multilingual student population
  • ESOL Tutor: We hire amazing students who already tutor in the Learning Centers - be it the Comm Center, Writing Center, PASS, SMLC, or DigiComm. Tutors then train in a semester-long Tutoring English as a Second Language seminar, then works one-on-one as a consultant

Each semester is different.

We don't hire every semester. When we do, you will see the job positions posted here. 

Check out our services - what are we missing?

If you have an idea for how you can support language learners at JMU, come meet with Coordinator Kristen Shrewsbury. We are always open to you helping us create the next position at ELLS!