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Students provide healthcare services to clients and members of the local community.

“We believe that students who become adept at skills in reflection, professionalism, multiculturalism, teamwork and community awareness will be those who effect change and provide leadership in the rapidly evolving and expanding fields of health and human services. IIHHS prepares future health and human services workers through cultivating their engagement with the community so that their professional career choices will reflect a heightened awareness of real community assets and needs.”

— Rhonda Zingraff, Director, JMU Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Sciences

In 2009-10, JMU’s IIHHS provided 25,970 hours in direct services to clients and members of the Shenandoah Valley community, 16,946 of which were contributed by students.

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“JMU’s Project CLIMB is able to provide a service in the community. Children who, unfortunately, didn’t have a program when everyone else was joining Little League or Youth Soccer now have their own program that they can call their own and take ownership of.”

— Tom Moran, assistant professor of kinesiology
In his role at JMU, Moran helped devise Project CLIMB, a 10-week program that gives local children with disabilities one-on-one attention and assistance from JMU’s Adapted Physical Education program students.

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Project CLIMB provides children with disabilities the chance to experience interaction through sports.

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