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Online Curriculum SYstem


This electronic workflow replicates JMU's existing curriculum and instruction (C&I) process and allows faculty to enter course proposal information into Web forms and to approve proposals electronically.

Access the site here.

The new system will replace the existing Word templates, secure site postings and paper forms currently used in reviewing course proposals. Faculty members enter course information into secure Web forms and approvers are notified through email when course proposals are ready for review. The Web forms require the same information as the current paper forms, and the approval process is identical to the established C&I procedure.

The online curriculum system is available for the following actions:

  • Creating new courses
  • Modifying existing courses
  • Deleting existing courses
  • Requesting new subject identifiers

The existing forms will continue to be used for program proposals and graduate faculty approvals. Paper forms should be used for experimental courses.

This system reflects the joint efforts of Academic Affairs, Information Technology and faculty members working together to create a system that better meets the needs of JMU's increasingly complex curriculum. The online curriculum system works across platforms for undergraduate and graduate courses.

If you are interested in scheduling a training session for your academic unit or college, please contact Kristi Shackelford (shackekl@jmu.edu).


Informational handouts are available below. They are set as a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. PDF

Access the site here.

If you have problems accessing the site or questions, please email curric@jmu.edu or call 568-4064.