The Provost Award for Excellence is awarded annually in recognition of a faculty or staff member who has made extraordinary contributions to the University in a variety of areas.


Dr. Kerry O. Cresawn, Outreach and Engagement, Department of Biology
Dr. Mark E. Mattson, Faculty Freshman Advising, Department of Physics

2015: Steve Whisnant, Outstanding Research and Scholarship


Conley McMullen, Outstanding Research and Scholarship, Department of Biology
Susan Halsell, Freshman Advising, Department of Biology


Dr. Mark Gabriele, Honors Teaching and Advising, Department of Biology
Charlotte Saufley, Part-time Teaching, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Deborah Warnaar, Freshmen Advising, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

2012: Dr. Kevin Giovanetti, Research and Scholarship, Department of Physics and Astronomy            


Ms. Joy Faith Frazier Earhart, Part-time Teaching, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Dr. M. Ioana Niculescu, Research and Scholarship, Department of Physics and Astronomy

2010: Ms. Emma R. Phillips, Freshmen Advising, Department of Biology

2009: Dr. Reid Harris, Research and Scholarship, Department of Biology

2008: Dr. C. David Pruett, Honors Teaching, Department of Mathematics & Statistics 

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