The Provost Award for Excellence is awarded annually in recognition of a faculty or staff member who has made extraordinary contributions to the University in a variety of areas.


Past CSM recipients of this award include:

2015:  Steve Whisnant, Outstanding Research and Scholarship

2014:  Conley McMullen, Outstanding Research and Scholarship
            Susan Halsell, Freshman Advising

2013:  Dr. Mark Gabriele, Honors Teaching and Advising, Department of Biology
             Charlotte Saufley, Part-time Teaching, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
             Dr. Deborah Warnaar, Freshmen Advising, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

2012:  Dr. Kevin Giovanetti, Research and Scholarship, Department of Physics and Astronomy            

2011:  Ms. Joy Faith Frazier Earhart, Part-time Teaching, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
            Dr. M. Ioana Niculescu, Research and Scholarship, Department of Physics and Astronomy

2010:  Ms. Emma R. Phillips, Freshmen Advising, Department of Biology

2009:  Dr. Reid Harris, Research and Scholarship, Department of Biology

2008:  Dr. C. David Pruett, Honors Teaching, Department of Mathematics & Statistics 

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