The Madison Scholar Award is awarded by the  faculty in the College of Science and Mathematics in recognition of the cumulative accomplishments of an individual, with emphasis given to scholarly work done at JMU.  Recipients are nominated by their colleagues or department and a committee selects the recipient. Below is a list of recipients: 

2017: Roshna E. WunderlichDepartment of Biology

2016: Chris LantzDepartment of Biology

2015: Chris HughesDepartment of Physics and Astronomy

2014: Mark GabrieleDepartment of Biology

2013: Ioana NiculescuDepartment of Physics and Astronomy

2012: Christopher RoseDepartment of Biology

2011: C. Steven Whisnant, Department of Physics and Astronomy

2010: Conley McMullenDepartment of Biology

2009: Caroline LubertDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics

2008: David PruettDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics

2007: John GiljeDepartment of Chemistry and Biochemistry

2006: Grace WyngaardDepartment of Biology

2005: James LiuDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics

2004: Ivor Knight, Department of Biology

2003: Kevin L. GiovanettiDepartment of Physics

2002: Bruce WigginsDepartment of Biology

2001: James SochackiDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics

2000: Gary PetersonDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics

1999: Reid HarrisDepartment of Biology

1997: Thomas DeVoreDepartment of Chemistry

1996: Daniel DowneyDepartment of Chemistry

1994: Carl DromsDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics

1991: Carter Lyons, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

1989: Raymond Serway, Department of Physics

1988: Benjamin DeGraff, Department of Chemistry

1987: Gordon Fisher, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

1983: Robert Shapiro, Department of Chemistry

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