The Distinguished Teacher Award was established in 1981 to honor one faculty member annually for exemplary teaching.

Past recipients of this award include:

2017: Elizabeth T. BrownDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics

2016: Scott Paulson, Department of Physics and Astronomy

2015: Kevin CaranDepartment of Chemistry and Biochemistry

2014: Kristen St. JohnDepartment of Geology and Environmental Science

2013: Barbara ReisnerDepartment of Chemistry and Bioschemistry

2012: James SochackiDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics

2011: Steven KefferDepartment of Biology

2010: John Marafino, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

2009: Laura TaalmanDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics

2008: Chris HughesDepartment of Physics and Astronomy

2007: Cullen Sherwood, Department of Geology and Environmental Science

2006: Lynn FichterDepartment of Geology and Environmental Science

2005: Sharon BabcockDepartment of Biology

2004: C. David PruettDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics

2003: Benjamin DeGraff, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

2002: William Ingham, Department of Physics and Astronomy

2001: Charles Ziegenfuss, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

2000: Carter Lyons, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

1999: Lance KearnsDepartment of Geology and Environmental Science

1997: Donna AmentaDepartment of Chemistry and Biochemistry

1994: James J. Leary, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

1990: John C. Klippert, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

1988: William H. Voige, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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