The Distinguished Service Award was established in 2005 to honor one faculty member annually for exemplary service.

Past recipients of this award include:

2017: David C. CarothersDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics

2016: Christopher RoseDepartment of Biology

2015: Eric PyleDepartment of Geology and Environmental Science

2014: Mike RenfroeDepartment of Biology

2013: Donna AmentaDepartment of Chemistry and Biochemistry

2012: W. Christopher HughesDepartment of Physics and Astronomy

2011: Conley McMullenDepartment of Biology

2010: Steve GarrenDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics

2009: W. Dean CockingDepartment of Biology

2008: Carter Lyons, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

2007: Lance KearnsDepartment of Geology and Environmental Science

2006: Robert HansonDepartment of Mathematics and Statistics

2006: Cullen Sherwood, Department of Geology and Environmental Science

2005: Tom DeVoreDepartment of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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