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College of Science and Mathematics - College Council


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College Council

The College Council represents the College of Science and Mathematics faculty and serves as an official body involved in governance of the College and providing advice to the Dean. Membership consists of representatives from all five departments. Below is a listing of the members of the 2016-17 council:


At Large:                   Yanjie Zhang [Chemistry], Hala Shehadeh [Math],
                                 and Elizabeth Brown [Math] - Chair

BIOLOGY:                  Ray Enke and Susan Halsell

BIOCHEMISTRY:       Scott Lewis and Chris Berndsen

SCIENCE:                  Shane McGary and Stan Ulanski (substituting during 
                                   Fall of '16 for Eric Pyle)

STATISTICS:              Hasan Hamdan and Eva Strawbridge

ASTRONOMY:            Anca Constantin and Klebert Feitosa