The College Council represents the College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) faculty and serves as a standing committee involved in the governance of the College. College Council serves as the voice of the CSM faculty and advises the Dean on matters related to faculty work. Faculty representatives from all five departments are elected to College Council for three-year terms. The Dean and Associate Deans serve as ex officio members of the council.


At-Large: Louie Wurch ( and Shane McGary (

Biology: Susan Halsell ( and Louie Wurch (

Chemistry and Biochemistry: Gina MacDonald ( and John Gilje (

Geology and Environmental Science: Shane McGary (

Mathematics and Statistics: Brant Jones ( and Hasan Hamdan           (

Physics and Astronomy: Keigo Fukumura ( and Adriana Banu (


Academic Affairs Policies and Reports 

College Council By-Laws 2017-2018

Principles for Evaluation of Teaching in CSM 

College Council Constitution 2018



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