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This program prepares students to be competitive in nationally recognized doctoral programs.

Advocacy is a communication process oriented toward understanding and producing a desired change in practice or policy on behalf of another person, organization or community.

Advocates, whether they are lawyers, public relations managers, parents, or community organizers, share one thing in common: they speak on behalf of the interests of others. Skilled advocates are trained in the variety of communication practices that allow them to work with and for the people they represent.

Students pose for a photograph after presenting their research at NCA15

This program provides students with the competencies necessary to be skilled, effective and ethical advocates in the face of rapidly changing 21st century issues, communication environments, publics, and new media technologies, while preparing students interested in advancing to doctoral programs with the theoretical and methodological training needed to be competitive in nationally recognized doctoral programs.

More about our program
Ph.D. and law programs our students have been accepted to:

Boston College (Sociology)

Boston University (Sociology)

George Mason University (Communication Studies)

Indiana University Purdue (Health Communication)

Louisiana State University (Communication Studies)

Ohio University (Communication Studies)

Pennsylvania State University (Communication Studies)

Southern Illinois University (Communication Studies)

University of Georgia (Communication Studies)

University of Iowa (Law)

University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Communication Studies)

University of Memphis (Communication Studies)

University of Minnesota (Law)

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Communication Studies)

University of Notre Dame (Law)

University of Pittsburgh (Communication Studies)

University of South Florida (Communication Studies)

Vanderbilt University (Law)

West Virginia University (Communication Studies)

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