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Public Relations Studies

This concentration focuses on the management of communication between organizations and their internal and external publics with the goal of mutual understanding and influence. Public relations practitioners work with specific audiences relative to focused goals. Preparation for a career in public relations should include a broad educational base and a variety of communication skills.

In addition to the 12 hours of required communication studies courses, students studying public relations must complete the following 18 hours from among the depth requirements in order to receive a letter upon graduation that verifies that they have completed a program of public relations studies. The school also recommends that students enroll in an internship during their junior or senior year.

SCOM 260. Introduction to Public Relations


SCOM 261. Public Relations Techniques I: Written


Choose one of the following:


SCOM 361. Public Relations Techniques II: Visual


SCOM 367. Advanced Public Relations Writing


Choose one of the following research courses:


SCOM 383. Communication Research Methods


SCOM 386. Communication Survey Research


Take the following courses:

SCOM 460. Public Relations Management (offered in the fall)


SCOM 461. Public Relations Campaigns (offered in the spring)




Nine additional hours of SCOM elective work must be completed to total 39 hours in the major. Three of these additional hours of SCOM elective work can be selected at the 200 level, but the other six hours must be at the 300 or 400 level and may include an internship.


"The study of public relations combines the best of communication theory with the pragmatic skills necessary for a variety of today's jobs."  
Dr. Corey Hickerson


Students at computer stations during a workshop

 Students during a P.R. workshop session