Smartboard Resources

smartboardThere are Smartboards scattered around the College of Education classrooms for students and faculty to utilize. These technologies are more present in today's classroom environments.

There are many resources for educators to choose from as they integrate this tool for learning in their classrooms.

Download the software at and then ask your professor or Dr. Clemens for the code to activate the software to use longer than the 30 day trial period. Be sure to visit SMART Exchange page for many resources.

All the computers in the ETMC have Smartboard Notebook software installed. This software is for both Windows and Macintosh computers.


Online links

  • Rockingham County School District has a page dedicated to Smartboard technologies.
  • Smartboard Revolution - A social network on NING dedicated to Smartboard technologies.
  • Harvey's Home page - Harvey teaches here at JMU and is a strong advocate for Smart Technologies in the Mathematics classroom.
  • Teachers Love Smartboards - lots of great stuff for Smartboard educators!