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Course Evaluations

Each semester, every student in every College of Education course has an opportunity to fill out a course evaluation.

Towards the end of fall and spring semesters, students in the CoE are prompted via email to complete their course evaluations online. Faculty members are offered the option to participate in classroom-based course evaluations. Specifically, laptops are set up in reserved classrooms, and either Dr. Amy Thelk or her graduate assistant proctor these sessions. The benefit to scheduling a classroom-based course evaluation is that students are more likely to complete the evaluations as compared to when they are required to do so on their own time. In addition, many instructors who have chosen this alternative indicate that they receive more comments from their students. (If faculty members do not sign up for classroom based course evaluation, students will still receive the link to the course evaluation in an email.)

Faculty members are emailed early in the semester about scheduling classroom-based course evaluations. Please contact Amy Thelk if you are interested in this option and did not see an email.

Click here to see the CoE course evaluation items for face-to-face and online courses.

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