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Enhancing the Student Experience

James Madison University is an institution that values change and innovation. At JMU innovation can take on a whole new meaning when different individuals bring their diverse ideas and experiences to the table. The most creative solutions are derived from a culmination of diverse ideas. Likewise, the world’s most successful companies have recognized embracing diversity as a strategic advantage.

To develop fully educated and enlightened students at JMU, students must learn in an environment that recognizes the importance of understanding and embracing diversity. An inclusive learning environment facilitates the exchange of unique ideas from diverse perspectives. A college degree and technical expertise is not enough to be successful in today’s global marketplace. Possessing strong interpersonal and communication skills will be critical to a student’s success post-graduation. As simple as it seems, students must be able to effectively communicate with people, especially those who are different from them.

Our Vision

The CoB Student Diversity Council (SDC) aims to promote general awareness and understanding of the importance of diversity in today’s business world. The council, a student-led organization, seeks ways to enhance diversity within the College of Business by planning various events and programs. We believe diversity encompasses all things that make one unique, going beyond race and ethnicity. Furthermore, we believe in “diversity of thought” and bringing together unique perspectives and ideas.

We are committed to creating a welcoming and accepting environment within the College of Business. We hope to challenge students to address cultural issues, to engage in difficult conversations, and to step outside of their comfort zone. We would like to offer students the opportunity to develop a unique skill set allowing them to be successful in a diverse world.

Our History

The CoB SDC was proposed in spring 2010 by a group of Beta Alpha Psi members. Our council was formed in fall 2010 and granted recognition as an official CoB organization. Within the first year of establishment, the CoB Student Diversity Council was the recipient of JMU’s Diversity Enhancement Award. The founding members of the council shared a passion for diversity and inclusiveness, as well as a commitment to making an impact on campus.


Develop ways to increase and enhance diversity within the College of Business by planning events and programs that:

  • Promote awareness and understanding of the increasing importance of diversity in modern-day business
  • Create an environment that brings together diverse perspectives and fosters diversity of thought
  • Encourage active involvement in the College of Business and provide opportunities for development and future success post-graduation

To fulfill our objectives, it is imperative that we develop relationships with various organizations, student-leaders, faculty and administration, both within the College of Business and university wide.

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