The Financial Management Association (FMA), and the Madison Investment Fund (MIF) work closely with the faculty to bring guest speakers to campus and develop a network of JMU alumni in the Finance field. Active participation in these groups has opened many doors.

Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi is an international honors society for accounting, CIS and finance majors. JMU's chapter is involved in numerous professional and service activities and sponsors many business functions around campus. Students who have declared one of these three majors, have attained at least sophomore standing, and have a 3.0 cumulative GPA may become candidates. To be initiated as a member, students must have completed one semester of upper level coursework in their major and have at least a 3.0 major GPA.

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Advisors: Sandy Cereola (, Pamela Drake ( & Eileen Shifflett (

In September of each year Beta Alpha Psi hosts Meet the Firms, a recruiting event for accounting, CIS, and finance majors.  Learn more about firms participating in this year's event.

Financial Management Association

A global leader in developing and disseminating knowledge about financial decision making, the FMA is an international professional organization of financial executives, analysts, professors and students. Founded in 1970, the FMA currently is the largest finance organization devoted to bridging the gap between finance theory and practice.

As a member of FMA, you’ll learn about internship and job opportunities and participate in activities that promote professional and leadership development. We offer numerous activities including lectures by business professionals, fundraising and community service activities, and opportunities to network with other faculty, alumni and students in field of business finance. 

Advisor: Kayti Schumann ( & Ron Rubin (

For more information visit their BeInvolved page.

Madison Investment Fund

The Madison Investment Fund is a student-run equity investment fund that manages a portion of the JMU endowment. The Fund focuses on providing students with a real-world, professional forum to learn the fundamentals of investments and basics of financial theory while fulfilling the fiduciary duties associated with diligent portfolio management.  Seminars are offered for members and the JMU community covering financial theory and application, current events and professional development.

Advisor: Elias Semaan (

For more information visit their BeInvolved page.

Madison Venture Group

Madison Venture Group is James Madison University’s venture capital club.  The members take part in experiential learning by working on projects with Venture Capital firms and also do internal projects and presentations.

Advisor: Ron Rubin (

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